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"Hungry Hawk", This Is A Essay Written By D'arcy Mc Nickle, This Essay Explains A Little Background.

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Hungry Hawk "I am writing of the West, not of the Indians primarily, and certainly not of the romantic West which the best-selling authors have exploited."(Page 154) This line comes from D'Arcy McNickle, the author of many short stories and poems based on understanding different cultures including the Native American culture. In one of his poems called "The Hawk Is Hungry", McNickle tries to explain the difference in the rural and urban life, and the forces that control them. Born in the year 1904, D'Arcy McNickle grew up in the area of the Flathead Reservation in Montana until his parents divorced in 1914. He was then separated from his mother and was sent to an Indian boarding school. McNickle went on to study English literature and creative writing at the University of Montana and at Oxford University in England. His story "The Hawk is Hungry" is set in the 1930s in eastern Montana. This region consists of mostly dry, flat grassland with scattered hills, and harsh seasons. The winters are bitterly cold, while the summer temperatures can reach above 100 °F. Because of the vast amount of land available, for a brief period in the early 1900s, they attracted a lot of people because of the Homestead Act. Homestead Act allowed people to gain title to public land if they lived on it for five years and improved it. Because of the past that McNickle had experienced in Montana, he sets an illusional mood where everything would conflict with the reality or the real world. "The Hawk Is Hungry" is about a guy living in the rural areas of Montana and trying to convince his younger sister, Anne Elizabeth, to move to his ranch in Montana and live with him. The only problem he had was that he wasn't sure himself if West was the right place to live. "My sister had come to spend the summer at my Montana ranch. It was a long ten years since I had seen her, I was fond of her, and I was hoping to keep her in the West. I wasn't subtle about it. I was bragging shamelessly about our advantages, I was ready to lie if need be." (Page 155) This guy was ready to lie to make the West seem like a perfect world to live in for his younger sister, the only problem was that most of the things that he did and would mention to his younger sister, just appeared to be an idea or an illusion, in another words, a dream of what he expected the West to be. Here are a few lines that he tried to tell Anne to convince her that West is indeed a good place to live in, "You laugh when you hear mention of the 'great open spaces', but the fact remains, this is the place to live", "I know--splendid air--open-hearted people", "We are really a free people out here. The American spirit is making its last stand here. Every man is his master. He believes in himself. We don't know anything about tenement life, ward politics, the factory system--all that...." (Page 155) With all those descriptions of the West, he tried his best to convince his sister Anne that West is a great...

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