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Hunted: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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It is a time of darkness. The sun’s light casts over the hills of the earth, but then quickly vanishes. A time where trees become bare; the grey sentinels lifeless and brittle. The air cuts at your chest with every breath. It is the time of winter. Winter, in the northern lands of Falkreath, is a time of fear and struggle. The harsh winter sees no forgiveness as it is the ultimate test of survival. The folk who live in the northern lands of Falkreath have learned to cope with the harsh environment. They are a simple folk; foragers and craftsman, for they are exceptional at these two things. The hunters of Falkreath are known for having no fear of the terrible wild that live in the North Lands. They hunt the feared saber-bears, mammoths, and woolly rhinos for food. The hunters of Falkreath would spend weeks out in the lands tracking these large animals, stopping at nothing. They need the hide and meat that these animals provide to survive the winter.
The craftsmen of Falkreath build strong structures that endure the harsh environment of the North Lands. Their homes can withstand the tremendous weight of snow from week long blizzards. In this harsh land where survival is a struggle, there is something that gives them the will to live; a mountain.
There reaching at the heavens; the Mountain. Shrouded by the fog that separates peak from base. The overwhelming power of its sight. No one would dare stare at it to long, as if it were the sun. The mountain represents all that is unknown. Many journey up to face the peak and to discover the mysteries within its roots. But the mountain would swallow them and forbid them to journey home. The people believe the Mountain to be the arm of the Earth; ever moving. The people of Falkreath have traditions with the Mountain; for the mountain would provide water. The water from the mountain is sacred especially in the winter; it never freezes. Cold and pure, this water is treasured In Falkreath. The mountain’s water is said to poses healing abilities. Pour it on a wound, it would heal it. Use it on crops, there would be a wonderful harvest. Drink it, and you would feel as mighty as the mountain. So the mountain would provide the village with their needs.
However the Mountain had its curse. In the early months winter the Mountain would block the sun, preventing light . The Mountain would cast its long and dark shadow over the land. For the winter would begin, and so would the terror from the sky. During the time of the mountain’s shadow, there were legends of a terrible monster that would soar from the sky and terrorize the land. For years the people of the village would have to hide in their homes, waiting for the monster to go back to its lair; which was thought to be in the mountain.

Once the monster left to its lair, the people would begin their reconstruction of the village. Homes destroyed, lives lost, and food taken. The terrible beast was said to be a...

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