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"Hunter In The Dark" By Monica Hughes.

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Written Report: Hunter in the Dark Monica Hughes, a truly gifted novelist, has written a first class book titled Hunter in the Dark. I chose this gripping novel, which was published in 1982 because I have immensely enjoyed some of her other works. After reading the preview, I expected that the story would give me a greater appreciation for life, since it focused on a boy's struggle with leukemia, and how he overcame it.Hughes uses theme to weave a well-developed plot by using her unique style of writing. Sixteen-year-old Mike Rankin is preparing for a hunting trip, with his best friend Doug O'Reilly, that he has been planning and waiting for all year. He is sent to the hospital for treatment, as a result, he misses the hunting trip. Mike's parents refuses to tell him about his sickness for fear of hurting his feelings, and he had to discover that he has leukemia by tracking down his symptoms and treatments at the library. He becomes angry that his parents hid his sickness from him and wants to discontinue his treatment due to the fact that he feels that he doesn't have anything to live for. He thinks about how nice it would be if he could go hunting and decides that he wants to go hunting one last time before he dies. With Doug's help, he plans a solo-hunting trip, and prepares mentally and physically for what he could encounter in the bush. He leaves his protective house and drives into the bush. After numerous days, Mike tracks down a massive whitetail buck and prepares to fire his rifle when he suddenly has a flashback to when he was...

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