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Hunting has been a controversial subject throughout recent years. It has also been something that has been shared by families ever since we first came to America. But with every sport or hobby, there are activists to mess up the process, constantly getting in the way, just like flies at picnics. Coming from a family of non-hunters, I am here to share my knowledge with you that, I feel, many of these activists lack. First, the activists lack the history of hunting. Ever since we first landed in America, many men went hunting in order to support their families. They even brought their sons with them to teach them the game, kind of passing it down like an heirloom. As James Hanatow stated in the second article, "Hunting has long been a family activity, which most people do not seem to see. Many a strong bond and values can be attributed to fathers, sons, and daughters spending time together, learning more about the outdoors." I agree with this statement that he made. I believe that bonds within the family are created when they are engaged in certain activities, such as hunting.Second, you cannot take away a part of history. In my thoughts, it is like cutting a branch of your family tree. Some families have grown up with hunting and to take that away from them would destroy part of their family history. At the same time, I also understand where the activists are coming from. They do not like the idea of animals being killed for sport. Jean Ellston believes that hunting should not be in the same category of sports, such as baseball and basketball. If you look at all the other sports that are played in the United States, none of them involve the killing of other living creatures. Third, you cannot just stop the hunting altogether. Stopping hunting all at once will cause some serious problems. To control the animal population, hunters have a limit of the number of kills they can get and there is also a gender limit on species. In my opinion, this is what the activists do not understand. Stopping...

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