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Hunting: A Sin Or Not A Sin?

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What is the biggest reason for hunting? Many people argue over the fact if hunting should be kept or gotten rid of. It is a disputed item for many people. Hunting is a good thing and shouldn't be gotten rid of due to four main facts: it is a way of life, it can control animal populations, it is a job for some people, and it helps people physically.
A way of life
Hunting has been a way of life since the first man and woman were on Earth. The first Native Americans hunted; Christopher Columbus’ contemporaries hunted; the people of the twentieth century hunted; and the people of today ARE hunting. Hunting has been around for ages. More than 38 million Americans hunt(Hunting).
Hunting is used for the animal fur and the meat on the body, but some people take the animal to a taxidermist. Animal rights activists protest hunting but buy meat in a supermarket(Lin). Depending on the animal fur it can range in various amounts of money because of the animal and the quality. The meat can be sold as well for various amounts of money due to the size and the quality. Furthermore, the taxidermist cost varies due to the size of the animal and the complications of doing the job. Mainly people just keep the meat and throw away the fur, but some do keep the fur and make it into a jacket, rug, or some other item like a pair of boots.. A taxidermist makes their money off of the hunters who hunt so that is their way of live and if hunting is gotten rid of they lose their jobs. The negative side to this is: animal rights activists protest fur while wearing leather shoes(Lin).
Animal Populations

Whitetail deer population rises with hunting.

Snow leopard population decreases due to hunting.

Due to hunting some animal populations rise but there are others that drop. Even though when the first Europeans came to America they started hunting, it helped some of the populations. Hunting helps control species from becoming more irresistible to disease which can make them go extinct. Hunting itself has almost made some species go extinct, but it has also helped keep some from going extinct. Population control begins with hunting, and them having the land to live on. Without the animals having the land to live on, they will become extinct or at least endangered. The one main reason for hunting is to lower the amount of car accidents. ...

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