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Hunting And Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Zachary Pait
Nikki Little
Honors English 3
23 May 14
Hunting and Wildlife Conservation
Author Gloria Cooksey states, “Preserving habitat is an important key to species survival. Some endangered species do not need much help from human beings—if the threat is removed, they can recover on their own. Sometimes they simply need to be left alone” (11). This statement supports the idea that nature can take care of itself when laws and rules are put in place to protect wildlife. Without conservationists to enforce these laws, animals and their habitats would be at risk of being taken advantage of. The impact of hunting and fishing conservation worldwide provides future generations the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature and wildlife. Through appropriate conservation programs, species are saved and natural resources are reserved.
Wildlife conservation is the act of preserving wildlife and its many habitats. This is important because without people to conserve and protect the wildlife, different species all around the world could become extinct or become over populated. Hunting is one way to help control this. Dr. Jon Hutton says, “Hunting is not part of conservation, it is conservation” (Conservation Force). Not only is hunting conservation, it is also a way of life for many people. Some have differing opinions on this subject because animal activists see hunting as murder, however, hunters see it as a way to provide food on their tables. Since early civilization, hunting has played a key role in human survival. In today’s society, hunting is not necessary for everyday survival in most places. This is simply because the use of factories and animal farms that make it easier for those who chose not to hunt, or are against it. However, there are some people that live in places where hunting is necessary. Although some have a negative outlook on hunting, it has proven over time to control over-population and maintain adequate animal habitats.
Hunting conservation also benefits communities socially and economically by allowing a competitive, recreational sport that regulates game population (Canadian Circumpolar Institute). Examples of this include fishing tournaments, hunting clubs, and turkey shoots. Fishing tournaments draw professional and local fishermen in pursuit of a trophy, but have a catch and release policy to protect the fish population. Hunting clubs organize different hunts, such as fox and rabbit, which are good way to raise money for local charities and regulate the population of the animals at the same time. Local fire departments are known to host turkey shoots that raise basic funding and connect people socially around a bonfire.
Wildlife Action is a well—known national organization that has various conservation goals in its mission. Its main purpose is to provide public awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife. One Wildlife Action goal is to reduce poaching, which is highly illegal in some countries unless you...

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