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Hunting, From Humanistic Tradition To Population Control

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From Humanistic Tradition to Population ControlHundreds of years ago, mankind relied on an essential practice known as hunting. Hunting was a requirement for survival. Today, most people can simply drive to a grocery store to purchase rations. Regrettably, there seems to be a lack of independence when one cannot provide a family with sustenance. It is hypocritical to dishonor the very practice without which mankind would have become extinct. Over the last century alone, the United States deer population has grown from under 500,000 to over 20,000,000. Without hunting, this population expansion would continue to grow, and in turn, create many hazards to human life. One would see considerable increases in issues such as deer-related car accidents and the spread of Lyme disease. Although many people see hunting as a vital solution, there are others who claim many contradictions with this solution. People in opposition see hunting as a wicked slaughter of innocent animals that could actually be creating deer overpopulation. Hunting is a natural, humanistic, and inexpensive method through which overpopulation, disease, and vehicular accidents can be greatly reduced.Since prehistoric times, people have been hunting to provide themselves and their families with food, fur, leather clothing, and hides for shelter. Hunting is an asset to society, in that the recreation promotes the well-being and health of the hunter. As one may deduce, hunting was an extremely vital part of ancient living. Without hunting, our Pre-Neolithic ancestors would have starved, and if they had died, modern civilization would have never existed. There is a strong need in man to seek out his ancestor's independence and survival instincts. Hunting brings a person in touch with nature and provides a bond unlike, perhaps, any other activity. Humans have a right to hunt, for there is no more fundamental human right. Do hawks have the right to hunt mice or cats? Do wolves have the right to hunt sheep or goats? In order for reproduction, a human must eat. This is the essence of the food chain. A study conducted by Utah State University's Jack H. Berryman Institute asked wildlife managers where the deer population of the United States would be 10 years from now if hunting was eliminated. The response was that deer population would increase 220% across the United States. (Kenyon, Southwick, and Wynne 4). In addition to providing physical, psychological, and emotional nourishment, hunting also provides and acts as an extremely efficient means of animal population control.Once deer establishes a territory, they are known to prefer starvation to leaving their territory. This does not bode well considering two deer can produce a herd of 35 in just 7 years. Unfortunately there are 8 does to every buck in the United States. With this fact, coupled with the evidence that deer do not have monogamous relationships, the conditions for population outbreak are ideal. Unfortunately, there are laws...

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