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Hunting Helps The Environment Essay

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It is early in the morning; the majestic Elk bugles in the distance. The sun is kissing the tops of the peaks with the most beautiful gold, and painting the clouds rose red. The men and women who enjoy the outdoors whether it is hunting or just hiking help make these types of moments possible. Hunting and the ecosystem is tied closely to conservation of land and animals. The articles of “Hunting and the ecosystem” written by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department (SDGFP), and “Facts and statistics on wildlife conservation” written by Roger Holmes, director of the Fish and Wildlife, touch on how hunting is important in the environment to keep a good balance in the ecosystem. They also point out how hunters do more than any other organization for wildlife and environment. Our country was created by outdoors men who hunted and they passed their knowledge of the outdoors to their kids. Hunting has worked its way down from the generation and we should learn to “pass it on” Hunting is great for the environment and wildlife and should be preserved for the ages to come.

Hunters are the biggest supporters of conservation financially. According to “Facts and Statistics on wildlife Conservation”(SDGFP) the hunters contribute more than three million dollars each day. This amounts to more than one and a half billion dollars a year. This money comes from license revenues, excise taxes (sporting good equipment, guns, license, ect.), and other taxed hunting revenues. All of this money goes to the protection and conservation of the wildlife habitat. Hunters and fishermen provide for more than seventy-five percent of the annual income of the fifty state conservation agencies. (2)

Hunting plays a big part in balancing out the ecosystem. From the article of “Hunting and the ecosystem” (R.Holmes) (1) an ecosystem is a geographic area including all the living organisms and their surroundings. “Hunting and ecosystem-based management is the smartest and most cost-effective way to manage our wildlife. The basic idea of ecosystem-based management is that you manage ecosystems rather than specific species or disciplines.” For example “you do not mange pheasants as much as you manage the ecosystem in which the pheasants live. If the ecosystem is improved, it will produce more pheasants naturally.”(1)

Hunting and hunters are the biggest advocates for conservation. They also provide for the most finical aid of any other organization that says they sponsor the environment and wildlife. (SDGFP)(2). Such organizations are PETA and SEIRRA. These clubs think they help the animals and the environment because they do not kill them, but they actually do more damage. Their goal is to save the...

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