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Hunting Is Like Going To Class: Comparing The Preparation And Time Consuming Aspects Of Hunting To Those Of Attending Class.

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Hunting Is Like Going To ClassHunting to me is the most important thing that I do. The only thing that is as important as hunting is going to class and doing well in school. I have come to the conclusion that hunting is like going to class because they are both of equal importance to me. I realize that some people may disagree with my comparison, but that is the way I feel. However, there are some more simple reasons that I am able to make the comparison between hunting and going to class. One main comparison that is necessary to understand is that in both class and hunting the one partaking in the activities is a student. Hunting and class are both capable of teaching some sort of knowledge, but one must be willing to learn in order to benefit.The first thing that makes these two activities similar is the preparation process. Extensive preparation goes into both activities. Supplies are necessary to be able to participate in class and in the field. In order to begin class it is necessary to have the proper tools, paper, pens, pencils, books and of course planning your classes. Hunting requires the same preparation, you must have your guns, shells, licenses and scouting is mandatory too. In order to obtain the materials a visit to the store is necessary for both activities.The next way that hunting and classes are similar is that they both contain small quizzes. These quizzes prepare the student for the tests that are yet to come. In class the quiz may be over simple material that was supposed to be read, or on a movie or filmstrip. In the field quizzes come in a different form. The quizzes in nature consist of reading the wind and choosing the right course, or being able to tell the gender of an animal from a long distance.Another similarity is...

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