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Huntington Final Essay

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In these last months of spring for 2014, the global conflicts have been very prominent.
As a spectator watching these unrests unfold I am lead to consider what is driving this unrest around the globe.
To give cause to these precipitous events one cannot help but try and get to basics first to help understand who of the great intellects is looking in the right direction on the future of our world inhabitants.
Of the four paradigms, this case of believable results, shows for consideration to only one predictable paradigm.
In defense of stating a clear understanding one must first make look at the empirical facts and so research and logic first leads us to the understanding of which of the ...view middle of the document...

If these necessities are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will fail or fight to survive. Then this brings us to wealth or general prosperity. As we have seen and read, poverty is the logic factor for civil unrest, and understanding these dimensions of the human gets us closer to the civilization paradigm and the fact that it will outlast the rest by simply explaining away the others.
In Huntington’s Theory, Clash of the Civilizations he refers to and points out the need for these five corresponding requirements . For instance he states “Alternatively, we may deny the need for such guides and assume that we will act only in terms of specific "objective" facts, dealing with each case "on its merits." (Huntington) clarifying the safety requirement of humans for the future. Case example is Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil who after many conflicts looked at the objective facts and adopted , the West’s, democracy, each at different capacities, and developed enterprising business to satisfy an economic future. Agreeing with Huntington, I do not think they will go backwards diminishing the good economics safety brought to them by this move.
What is important to nation states is their success and independence to freely practice the guidelines they choose which equates to money. In a quick look at the Russian Empire pre Cold War era, we can see that as Russia’s paranoia developed , they cut themselves off from the rest of the world exchanges, and basically pushed themselves into financial failure. There was no new outside monetary gain coming into the country.

Huntington refers to this concept of nation states flourishing by becoming more modern as a complete civilization, yet holding it’s borders so that the nations border lines can determine their success. To explain better what one should understand what Huntington had in mind , we can imagine a...

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