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Section 1 The Gaelic sport hurling has been played for many years throughout Ireland. The players receive no pay for playing the game. In Ireland the players play for the pride and glory of their country. The Irish call the hockey shaped stick a hurley. Ambidextrous players hold the hockey shaped stick in one hand and pick up the ball in the other. Fifteen players make up a team. The players wear no protective equipment with the exception of a few that wear helmets. The goalies use many different kinds and sizes of sticks to defend their team's goal during the high speed Irish sport.Section 2 After visiting Ireland and learning the basics of hurling there are still some rules and regulations left unclear. How hurling originated is one. I'd also like to know when the game originated. I know that the game is turbulent, but are there penalties for too rough of play. The players always hold the hurley with their left hand on bottom. It would be interesting to find out the reasoning or strategy behind this. What are the dimensions of the goal that the goalie must defend? The time length of the game would be nice to know.Section 3 To find information on hurling I entered the Yahoo search engine. In Yahoo I typed in hurling and pressed search. Numerous sites appeared on my computer screen. I gaped at all the sites and finally picked one called The Game of Hurling . In the article, Ronny Holm said, "A match consists of two 30 minute halves." I think that is a long time to run around and hit the ball through the goal. With some basic hurling knowledge now I decided to enter Shamrock Hurling Club and get some specifics. The club made me realize how ominous the game of hurling is. "The sliotar can be passed by kicking, hitting it with the hurley or by passing it with the hand. Players must be crazy to not even wear helmets!" (Murphy). Personally, I would at least wear a helmet. The players must not be able to feel pain! From that site I entered UK Hurling . This was new to me. I thought hurling was only played in Ireland. UK hurling is the same as Irish hurling. "Each team consists of fifteen players and a number of substitutes. One goalie, six defenders, two mid fielders and six forwards." (Jay). With fifteen players from each team and thirty total on the field, I think it would look like a bunch of gnarled people running around. To find more rules and regulations I entered Rules of Hurling. In here I discovered many new regulations. "The sliotar weighs between 100 grams and 130 grams. The circumference of the ball is 23 and 25 centimeters." (McGrath). The ball is made of cow hide and the inner part is made of cork. If a sliotar came flying toward me and hit me, I would be apprehensive of ever playing the game again. I think the heavy ball would hurt to get hit with. Last, I entered another hurling club. This club is known as GAA. GAA stands for Gaelic Athletic Association. This...

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