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Hurricane Camille Essay

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Nearly 45 years ago one of the most powerful and damaging weather phenomenon’s ever to be recorded slammed into the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, a storm that effected people far and wide. Camille formed on August 14th just west of the Cayman Islands and rapidly intensified overnight becoming a category 3 hurricane approaching the island of Cuba. The storm trekked north-northwestward across the Gulf and became a stage 5 hurricane and maintained its strength before making landfall on the Mississippi Coast on the eve of August 17th. The devastating aftermath in the weeks to follow induced by the winds, surges, and rainfall took the lives of 256 people, and caused an estimated damage of 1.421 ...view middle of the document...

The storm swept through Cuba reportedly dropping roughly 10 inches of rain in just a few hours and reportedly killing 3 people. Once into the gulf, the hurricanes pressure dropped more rapidly than ever and the storm started gaining speed in route for landfall. By early afternoon on August 16th a hurricane watch had been put in effect from Biloxi, Mississippi to St. Marks, Florida. Early on the morning of the 17th with Camille out in the water about 250 miles south of Mobile, Alabama, and hurricane warnings extending all the way to New Orleans, Mississippi coastal residents started looking like they might be the ones that might get the worst of things and began evacuating. One last penetration flight was made on the afternoon of Sunday, August 17, and this would prove to be the final. The storm was at its peak with a central pressure of 901 millibars with surface winds as high as 200 miles an hour near the center. The storm was small but extremely commanding.
The eye of Camille hit landfall the night of the 17th around 10:30 CST. The results proved to be absolutely devastating and can still be seen to this day. The once populated area of the coast where Camille took land is nearly uninhabited to this day. There are no actual records of...

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