Hush, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Essay

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Lee 1
Connor Lee
Mrs. Pearson
IB Film S1
8 September 2014
Through the episode, Hush, Joss proved the point that when people stop talking,
communication is at its best with characters who show their emotion and music in the background that
enhances the feelings. Language is so complicated that it can limit the true potential of the film, while
expressions and actions can paint a better picture. When a gentleman is about to dissect a man words
would overpower the scene, but without language the true horror of death on their faces is relevant and
the thought of "save me" can be seen through the man's eyes. Before his death, the eerie music and
slow movements of the gentlemen are seen clearly because there is no diegetic sound. No words add to
the horror factor even, because the audience must embrace the silence and mystery in every scene. The
lighting of the show helps to give more horror and mystery. The dim lighting creates shadows over the
characters and objects. Behind each tree is a new discovery and the street corners always have
something on them. The dim lighting along with the slow music has a mysterious sense to it because the
gentlemen as dark as the lighting. The make­up and costumes of the gentlemen tell the story also. Their
wrinkled and weathered faces show they have been alive a long time and the way they float above the
ground which means they are intellectually higher and creates more scare. He created the show as
nightmarish and creepy as he desired through the actions, but also humor was successful in the film.
When the town loses their voices, people still have to communicate. The two girls see erase...

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