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"Hybrid Vs. Conventional Vehicles" It Goes Over The Pros And Cons Of Both Conventional And Hybrid Vehicles, As Well As Their Effect On The Economy.

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There have been, and still continue to be, many advancements in the automobile industry. In the beginning of automobile technology, around the 1880's, automobiles actually started out as electric powered. Because of the inefficiency of the electric vehicle technology of that time gasoline powered vehicles became more widely used. At the beginning, this new invention of a "horseless carriage" was thought of as a fluke. During this time it was unthinkable that a "carriage" could be pulled without a horse. However, nowadays, automobiles are the main source of transportation worldwide. There are the internal combustion vehicles (gasoline powered cars), and fast growing sales and demand of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV's). Even though there are many differences as well as similarities, between these two major forms of transportation, Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV's) have increased fuel efficiency, less energy loss and are much more environmentally friendly compared to traditional vehicles.HEV's combine the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle with the electric battery and motor of an electric car. This combination results in twice the fuel economy of conventional vehicles, offers the extended range and rapid refueling which consumers expect from a conventional vehicle, plus a significant portion of energy and environmental benefits of an electric vehicle. HEV's are also powerful enough for commercial hauling, and a wide range of other applications. Because batteries can supply only enough energy for short trips, Hybrid power systems were developed as a way to compensate for the short fall of battery technology. It seems that hybrids are becoming ever more popular, while electric vehicles are only being used in niche market applications where fewer miles are traveled. Among SUVs, the Ford Escape hybrid is the most efficient with 36 mpg in city driving and 31 on the highway. More efficient cars make a big difference to society in terms of environmental benefits, and the serious deterioration of urban air has motivated regulators to require cleaner and increasingly fuel efficient cars. The use of production HEV's will reduce smog forming pollutants, however hybrids will never be true zero emission vehicles because of their internal combustion engine. But at least the first hybrid on the market cut the emission of global warming pollutants from 1/2 to 1/3.The fuel economy of traditional automobiles, however, is another story. Hydrocarbon emissions and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen depend mainly on how much the vehicle is driven and how well the emission controls are functioning. There isn't much of a connection between these emissions and fuel consumption, although it is very much dependent on the circumstances causing the difference in fuel economy. For instance, if a vehicle suddenly experiences a dramatic change in its fuel intake due to a certain defect with the vehicle, it is possible it would also...

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