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Hybrids Vs Gasoline Dependent Cars Essay

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Hybrid cars have proven to be one of the best alternatives to vehicles strictly running on gasoline. This conclusion came as a result of improved fuel economy, increased mileage, and a decrease in pollution. They have not been in the US market for very long but have in other countries like Japan since 1997. Hybrid cars offer new technology that helps regenerate power, save fuel, and combine different sources of energy to reduce the use of gasoline. Hybrid cars combine the energy generated from gasoline and electricity to power them. They have the traditional internal combustion engine for gasoline, an electric motor for electricity, and a generator.

Internal combustion engines generate power through a type of chemical reaction called combustion. The reaction requires for gasoline (which is made up of many carbon and hydrogen molecules) and oxygen in the presence of heat to combine and produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy.

The process of completing this reaction in the engine is called the four-stroke cycle. The first stroke is called intake. A mixture of air and gasoline enter through the intake valve into the combustion chamber. The second stroke is called compression. The intake valve closes and the piston compresses the mixture. The third stroke is called power, the spark plug at the top fires and causes the piston to come back down. The fourth stroke is called exhaust. The exhaust valve opens releasing the gases produced.

The electric motor uses electricity and generated power from new technology called regenerative braking to power the car. Power is regenerated by converting energy usually wasted when braking into usable energy. It is stored in the battery of the car until needed by the motor to assist the new smaller internal combustion engine when driving at lower speeds. The electric motor itself runs on electricity. The motor works because of electromagnetism. This can be explained by discussing what occurs with a magnet and a paper clip. If a paper clip had an N pole, and a magnet approached it with its N pole it would cause the paper clip to move. On the other hand, if it approached it with its S pole they would attract. In an electric motor the attracting and repelling forces are called rotational motion.

The electric motor temporarily replaces the combustion engine only during low speeds, and when starting the car. The engine is in charge of providing power at high speeds.
It is clear why hybrid sales have increased since 2012. According to the EDTA (Electric Drive Transportation Association) a total of 459,375 hybrids were purchased in 2013 out of 14,179,416 vehicles sold. Although it is not a huge portion of the sales its share has increased to 3.23% excluding other electric vehicles sold.
The main similarity between Hybrids and traditional vehicles is that both use gasoline as fuel, however only hybrids use electricity to reduce the use of gasoline. Traditional vehicles run on bigger internal...

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