Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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It was many moments later. Twenty or so minutes after Tilyhn cut his penis. Cede was barely alive and still lying motionless in bed where she left him.
Where are the fucking bodyguards? He asked himself.
It had been a very long time since Tilyhn left.
They should have caught her already and rushed to his quarters to alert him that she tried to escape as usual. What was delaying them? Or had she managed to actually escape?
If his guards didn’t find him in time he would surely die. There wasn’t much time left. He had lost a lot of blood already.
Everything was slowly becoming blurry and distant in his eyes. He was slowly drifting away into darkness.
Where are they?
He tried to keep awake and avoid passing out by repeating the question over and over in his mind. His plan wasn’t working. Darkness kept on creeping in on him. Cede knew he was on the verge of death. Not the kind of death he thought he would die, being literally stripped of his manhood and left to die a slow painful death. He had always thought he would die by the hands of his competition. Not by a girl’s hand. No, he had never a thought a mere young woman would be the one to kill him. Never.
Everything ends here right now. I am dying and there is nothing I can do about it. He lamented silently.
He wished he could go back and do all things that he didn’t do yet, but knew he couldn’t now that he was dying. It was late. He was scared of what the afterlife had in store for him. He feared the afterlife wasn’t going to be as enjoyable as his life had been if everything religion preached about was true. With each breath he took, it became darker than before, darkness he had never seen nor imagined engulfing him.
I’m dying. Fuck. I haven’t done all the things that I wanted to do...
Everything went black.
He didn’t hear the shouts of his bodyguards as they entered into his bedroom breathless and found him motionless in a pool of blood. He didn’t hear them carrying him as fast as they could across to the far side of his ship to the fully equipped and operational first class clinic aboard the Lilzaint staffed with ten very skilled alien doctors of different races money could buy.

An hour later Cede had regained consciousness. His back was hurting though – he had been lying on it for a while and it was complaining. He shifted a little trying to ease the ache on his back. Unimaginable pain seared throughout his entire body.
He shouted an...

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