Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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“Delilah - shoot back at it. Don’t just stay there. If I could I would be shooting at it myself, but it’s in our rear, keep it busy and I shall focus on escaping.” Cooke shouted at the AI as if it were a person. Immediately Merida’s craft was blown, he’d pushed the auto pilot lever down and taken manual control of the craft to escape.
“Shoot back at it Delilah!” Cooke barked the command again. Merida was just blown to pieces in front of his eyes. He didn’t want the same fate for himself. He still wanted to live. And he damn sure wanted to avenge her.
“As you wish sir.” The AI responded.
Toyer’s rear laser guns whistled at once, spraying blue rapid laser fire at the alien craft hot on Cooke’s tail. Earth’s ships unlike most of other one-person fighter crafts in the universe were fitted with guns in the rear. Humans and Nommos were taking full advantage of their advanced AI. The alien ship which wasn’t expecting that, spun wildly out of control but quickly regained stability and continued to pursue Cooke. It swung upwards and sideways, dancing in midair to avoid Toyer’s fire, at the same time maintaining its high speed and steady flow of laser fire on Cooke. Toyer’s sensors tried to lock and moved the guns along with it as it danced about but every second Delilah thought that she was locked onto the ship it had already danced off and her laser fire only penetrated the emptiness where the craft was previously.
Cooke jumped his craft upwards again to the black skies. His pursuer followed. The two ships whizzed past as fast streaks of lights whooshing past in the black sky and vanished into the horizon.

The alien ship spat more blasts.
Cooke took a dive downwards and flew close to the surface. The alien ship kept its height above and shot at him from there. He made Toyer dance all over the area. The craft jumped and leaped everywhere, the energy blasts aimed at it hitting the hard ground below, and creating small craters in the entire area. Then one of the laser blasts hit Toyer’s tail. The fighter ship shook violently and spun out of control. It came tumbling down, falling towards the hard, rugged and hilly surface like a heavy rock. Cooke knew soon the ship would hit the ground and he would die. The thought scared him. He wasn’t ready to die yet. He fumbled for a while but finally found the control levers – and pulled them backwards.
Maybe there was something he could still do.
The ship didn’t respond. He pushed the levers forward and pulled then back again. Still - there was no change. He didn’t give up though - he tried for the third time. Toyer stopped spinning and steadied a bit. The damage was not that lethal. Cooke pulled the left lever some more and the ship straightened. He swerved the ship to the left, circling back quickly to face the incoming alien craft. It was in front of him in his line of sight and fire now. He could see its blinking lights clearly. He pressed the triggers. Toyer’s front heavy guns coughed laser. ...

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Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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