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The social and economic evolution which unfolded along the course of the industrialization era since the 1800s onwards has constituted the basis for many scientific investigations with regards to social and economic history, and politics as well. The creation and developmental process of national industry has very much been an important and dominant facet of economic upheaval. Despite the numerous benefits, industrialization nonetheless has brought about downsides which affect societies altogether. The goals for personal interests have substituted the humane in people to the point of disregarding that which is righteous and beneficial for the mere individual. Instead of thriving on urban-industrial means which would, in parallel, restrict negative consequences as the result of exploitation, societies appear to be in competition with each other as to which one is more economically competent; this, in the detriment of the environment and the majority of the population which is unable to compete with whomever is pulling the strings. And, since economic value determines how much power one can exert, this is also a fight for dominance.
Exploiting Earth’s natural resources has become a competition between states due to the fast paced rhythm imposed by globalization and set forth by the industrialization booming. Societies thus face a twofold situation; first, having to rely on Earth’s resources for economic growth and development; second, having to face the negative environmental and socio-economic consequences of the first. The demand for energy in a continuously increasing consumerist society has been one of the main reasons behind depletion of natural resources. Investments have been sought for the emergence and development of new technologies that would allow for an even more complex process of exploitation with regards to instant or at least faster results and improved quantitative outcomes. One such technology is hydraulic fracturing, an unconventional method used to extract also unconventional gas and oil resources. But hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous method which poses a number of threats and this is why its implementation, rather than sustaining the population, works to its detriment both short and long term prospects considered. Some of the most perilous risks which hydraulic fracturing assumes are explosions and deflagration in the proximity of the extraction areas which can subsequently lead to unexpected and dangerous effects; geologic-tectonic risks of multiplication and amplification of earthquakes especially in already affected areas; also, favoring the apparition of fronts fault which can store tectonic energy and generate local earthquakes with a magnitude of 6 on Richter scale in previously non-affected areas; a highly dangerous risk of water pollution, both groundwater and surface water due to the number of chemicals used in the process. This is in fact the primary risk that has stirred so many controversies over the...

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