Hydroelectric Dams Should Be Built More

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Every day, more and more of the world’s limited resources, such as coal and oil, are being used in dams to create electricity. As an alternative to help keep these valuable resources lasting, people can use a renewable resource to help create electricity. Instead of powering homes with the cost of using coal to produce electricity, using water can help make electricity. How this process works, is when the water passes through the turbines that spin, the turbines provide energy to many places around the world such as houses, restaurants and shops. This method can be used to save the scarce resources, only if people start contributing to building more hydroelectric dams. Every day, ...view middle of the document...

When they are being redirected, the gases in the atmosphere absorb these gases or redirect them back to earth. This causes the temperature to become warmer which results in global warming. This affects the economy because the government uses carbon tax to create money off of the amount of carbon dioxide the Greenhouse companies release into the atmosphere. The goal of this tax fee is to convince the companies to release less gas into the atmosphere. Hydroelectric dams produce no fossil fuels meaning they do not create any Greenhouse gasses at all in producing energy. According to IEA, Power generation from coal, in 2010, 42% of global electricity productions was produced through coal, accounting for over 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions. If humans were to replace all those dams with hydroelectric dams, there would be no carbon dioxide emissions made in that year. So, by building hydroelectric dams, hypothetically, humans could completely replace coal and other fossil fuels for electricity, thus helping cut down Greenhouse emissions massively. So, by cutting down these Greenhouse gas emissions, the future can be healthier for humans to live whereas continuing to use the fossil fuel dams, create great pollution to the future. Therefore, to reduce the amount of Greenhouse gas emissions, replacing fuel fossil dams with hydroelectric dams can really lower the amount of gases the atmosphere absorbs.
According to Tim Radford from theguardian.com, 1, 360 scientists from 95 countries have proven that humans have consumed and used up two thirds of the resources on earth. Considering there are many generations to come, humans are using up too many non-renewable resources whereas humans can be using up only the renewable resources. By building more hydroelectric dams, the world will have more resources in the future. By having more resources, it will also help the economy. First, if a country keeps using oil to produce electricity, a lot of oil will be used up. However, when the country saves up the oil and uses water instead, there will be a lot of oil. When there is a lot of oil, it means there would be more fuel for cars and planes. When there is a lot of fuel for cars and planes, the prices of gas will be lowered and this would be better for citizens of the country. So, having cheap renewable energy would help save the non-renewable resources like oil and this will give us more gas. This also helps the environment because normally, when the oil dams are used, they create pollution in the air. On the other hand, hydroelectric dams does not effect the quality of oxygen in any way because all the dams do to create...

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