Hydroelectric Energy Alternative To Fossil Fuels

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  Earth is fill with abundant resources that us, humans, use to heat our homes, make the cars move, produce electricities and many other activities that we do. We mainly use fossil fuels as the main energy sources for these jobs, however with centuries of digging for fossil fuels and use them up, their supplies is running low because they are a non-renewable resource which means you will use them all up before they can be replenish. With their supplies running low, we need to find an alternative resources to replace fossil fuels for electricities and for the fuel for our transportations. Hydroelectric energy is the perfect choice of replacement.
  Hydroelectric energy is an alternative energy source that can be use to power houses. Hydroelectric energy came from a water dam or a hydroelectric power plant in which water is channeled through tunnels in the dam and the power of the water causes turbines inside the dam to turn. Then the turbines make generators inside the power plant to move and the generators produce electricity which is send through a system of transmissions lines that all major power sources are connected to called the grid, for everyone in the nation to use. Just like all energies, hydroelectric energy is not all perfect, it has both advantages and disadvantages over the environment and the economic. The first advantage of hydroelectric energy is that the water which is being used to run the power plant is provided free by nature which means it is a clean resource, and that leads to less pollution, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that contributes to global warming. The second advantage of hydroelectric energy is that the cost of hydroelectric energy is cheap with a daily cost of only 12 cents, with a yearly cost of only $44.11 to produce them. The cost of hydroelectric energy for an individual person is only 8 cents a day and the cost of hydroelectric energy for a home is 24 cents per days for a typical 3 member family. The third advantage of hydroelectric energy is the dam or the hydro-power plant is reliable and strong for centuries, and this means relatively low operations and maintenance costs on the dam. The fourth advantage of hydroelectric energy is that it is a renewable resource which means we will run out of this resource. The fifth advantage of hydroelectric energy is that hydroelectric energy is very efficient. Modern hydro-turbines can convert as much as 90% of the available energy...

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