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Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel Essay

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It’s so hot! Today, millions of motor vehicles are producing greenhouse gases that are flooding into our atmosphere. At the rate society is going, a theme such as global warming is being considered more and more. Not only is this petroleum addiction hurting our environment, it may also have adverse affects on our independence. The United States imports most of its petroleum from foreign nations which could pose problems in the future. This is why Alternative fuels such as hydrogen should be extensively researched. The motor transportation industry should invest in extensive research and development in hydrogen fuel to help the fuel economy create stronger national energy security, make fuel more efficient and renewable, and more environment friendly.
With the high rates of oil consumption in today’s society, many demands for oil must be met. These demands for oil are met by the importation of crude oil from other nations. Hydrogen can be utilized to help the United States shy away from dependence on other nations and possibly with competitive pricing; however, hydrogen is held back because initial costs would be uncomfortably high. Hydrogen does not occur naturally in nature by itself, but it can be produced in several different ways. Hydrogen can be produced by using fossil fuels, nuclear power, and biomass such as wind, solar,

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geothermal, and hydro-electric power (“Alternative”). Each process could pose to be a reliable way of producing a self-sustaining and secure hydrogen economy within the borders of the United States. With time, Hydrogen can prove to be a competitive priced product with gasoline and could possibly drive prices down. The President of the United States has set out initiatives to have competitive prices for hydrogen by the year 2010 (“Fact Sheet”). In addition, Scientists in Australia have discovered a way to improve the production of the solar hydrogen process using a tool made of titanium dioxide, which will mean more hydrogen is produced more quickly and cheaply (Peatling). Although hydrogen can be beneficial, it poses a major problem; initial costs of hydrogen could be a detrimental barrier. To start a Hydrogen economy, high initial infrastructure costs would be inevitable (“Hydrogen”). The cost of distribution and even use of hydrogen would initially be excessively high (“Hydrogen”). Although initial cost may be extremely high to produce and use hydrogen, it is a necessity to help this nation become less dependent on foreign nations and to make fuel more efficient and renewable.
Fossil fuels are clearly a non-renewable resource and will be depleted eventually, which is the reason hydrogen should be researched more extensively to help develop a more efficient and renewable resource. Hydrogen can prove to be more energy efficient and reliable than gasoline or diesel fuel. Gasoline and diesel fuel powered engines or internal combustion engines are not ideally energy efficient. Internal combustion...

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