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Hydrogen As Source Of Energy Essay

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Movement is an essential key and driving force behind all life. In fact, It is the aspect of our human lives that sets the world into motion and has created the global economy the people know today. Behind all this movement, however, is one overly important and valuable element that is not always going to be around, hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are in simple terminology know as petroleum, the life source of fossil fuels in which drives almost every vehicular machine on the road, water, or sky. The dependency on oil around the world is crucial but as scientists know oil is a non-renewable resource so inevitably it will run out. Even with new 21st century drilling technologies finding oil in new locations one thing that is over looked is the fact that as the complexity of the operations to receive oil increases the market prices will rise with it. Whether the future price risings of oil or it running out first are the root cause of its demise the fact is an alternative is the only answer to the problem.
The answer is simple; find an energy source that is a renewable and eco-friendly.
Over the last 20 years one circulating idea that has had millions of dollars invested and years of research time committed is hydrogen. Hydrogen is a simple element, it is colorless and tasteless (Nagel 1068). Hydrogen is also the most abundant element in the universe and is literally in everything making it and ideal element to harness as an energy source for fuel (Dapena 1) The most effective way of getting hydrogen is through a process of electrolysis, which is using electricity to split hydrogen molecules from water; a process created by scientist Sir William Robert Grove in 1839 (Lampton 2-4). With the rising prospects of hydrogen as a fuel source and major automotive manufactures preparing to start hydrogen based car production it is essential for the public to understand the benefits, downsides, and middle ground of this ever-expanding technology.
The primary rise in the popularity of hydrogen as a fuel source is its efficiency in comparison to gasoline and diesel. In a fuel cell hydrogen is 22% more efficient than gasoline and 45% more than diesel as tested by, George Crabtree, a scientific researcher at the National Laboratory of Illinois leading the way in hydrogen technologies. A fuel cell is a device, which converts hydrogen to electricity (Lampton 2-4). In fact, Peter Dapena, a writer for CNN said, “ We could power over 200,000 vehicles just using waste gases from the chemical waste industry.” With the ability to extract hydrogen from almost anything including chemical waste paired with its increased efficiency in comparison to fossil fuels hydrogen is starting be a preferable alternative to other hybrid electric cars. Because of this, Honda, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai have all said they plan to have hydrogen car production in motion with them on the road by 2015 (Housley 1).
One thing commonly asked, however, is how eco-friendly are green...

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