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Hydrogen: The Fuel Of The Future

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i was angry at the "socialized world" when i wrote's kinda funny now... he really liked it. he said it showed "original thoughts and opinions" .....i was just venting.....HYDROGEN: THE FUEL OF THEFUTUREBy: JsonWhy are we as Americans so afraid to change? even if it is a change for the better? theworld has been using oil coal and other petroleum products to power just about everythingthat moves for the last 150 years. yet most cars in the united states only get 10-20 miles agallon and even the 'good' ones can get only a petty 20-50 miles a gallon. so why do weput up with the inefficiency when there are far better alternatives out there? Such ashydrogen, which was discovered hundreds of years ago. Hydrogen has long been knownfor its explosive propeties (with air) and abundance in the universe (in other forms i.e.water on earth, and its form in space is a gas). Hydrogen can do just about everythingconventional fuels can do but better.Hydrogen can be 'packaged' in several ways, as a fuel gas in a H2/02 powered engine orthe newly devised solid state pellet of hydrogen isotopes that contains about the equivalentof 5000 cubic feet of hydrogen and is broken down and releases gas into the secondchamber where it goes to the engine for use. There are many ways to get pure hydrogenout of many compounds using methods such as electrolysis and chemical reactions. One ofthe easiest ways is using a chemical reaction. Simple chemicals (aluminum,sodiumhydroxide, and water) can be reacted in the home to produce heavy hydrogen to poweryour furnace or your hot water heater . No electrical power at all is required. The reactionalso gives off a tremendous amount of heat. Even the waste heat could be captured forheating the house. The resulting sodium aluminate is harmless and could be collected atrecoiling centers for complete acid/base neutralization. This way is a simpler way thanelectrolysis produce hydrogen for heating the home, because in a automobile it would beharder to do.Electrolysis is another way to produce hydrogen electronically. It is a way that Iam more familiar with because I do it quite a bit in my room and have done severalexperiments with it. Electrolysis will produce a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen out ofwater. higher voltages will give you faster collection. With a 12-volt battery it tookaround a half an hour to get a quarter of a mountain dew bottle filled with a catalyst of asmall amount of Baking Soda. I used it because it was cheap and I knew it worked.Another time I used a 75 volt / 2 amp power supply with a catalyst of 2 drops of sulfuricacid to a pint of water and the result was very differing from the last time. I filled thewhole mountain dew bottle in less than 6 minutes. All of that gas came from a little lessthan a drop of water(when I light it off there was only a little spec of water on the insideof the bottle)I can only gasp thinking that that was only 75 volts and voltage can get intothe billions of volts. Although...

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