Hydrophobic Property Of Carbon Nanotubes Essay

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Carbon fiber also has corrosion issues due to its chemical composition There are many different types of corrosions. According to Boeing Engineer David Banis, “Concentration cell corrosion, or crevice corrosion, is the most common type of corrosion found on airplanes” (Banis 2). It occurred whenever water is trapped between two surfaces, such as under loose paint, within a delaminated bond-line, or in an unsealed joint. The magnitude of the corrosion depends on the alloy that is used. Carbon fiber with metal mesh is susceptible to severe corrosion if not properly treated with the right sealant. Carbon fiber is also very hard to recycle. The reason behind this is because it “loses most of its strength during the recycling process,” (Curiosity) making it practically useless. The cost of recycling it might even be more than what it’s worth after it has been recycled. Even though carbon fiber might be more efficient than aluminum in terms of fuel, it is still an inefficient composite. If part of a carbon fiber airplanes body is damaged and replaced with a new part, the damaged part is no good and since recycling it is practically pointless, the part becomes waste and this proves that using carbon fiber is very inefficient and not environmentally friendly.
Both Carbon fiber and aluminum composites are very inefficient and have multiple problems. Several aviation companies have found ways to improve the efficiency of their planes but it oftentimes cost a lot of money. The best way to make airplanes more efficient and eliminate corrosion, lightning and weight issues is to use a new composite made out of single walled carbon nanotubes.
Scientist and engineers have researched Carbon nanotube composite materials ever since they were discovered in 1991 (Ligima 354). Their research has shown that Carbon nanotubes display remarkable, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties (Dumé 554). In the article “A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Macro Cavities Formation on Properties of Carbon Nanotube Bucky-Paper Composites” by Ludovic Dumée, a researcher at Dreakin University’s institute for Frontier Materials, “over the last decade carbon nanotubes have attracted a lot of interest and efforts were made to incorporate them efficiently into composite material structures (Dumée 558). Dumée substantiates this statement by providing a number of data from research that has been conducted in the last few decades. He provides charts and diagrams from some of his own tests that show that carbon nanotubes can be easily processed as bucky-papers, which are entangled meshes of nanotubes (Dumée 628). Researchers and engineers are currently studying bucky papers and investigating their properties. Current research shows that bucky papers exhibit auspicious properties and they are strong and flexible structures to engineer and examine (Bahr 6537).
There are predominantly two types of carbon nanotube structures that are currently being studied and synthesized,...

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