Hydropower Is A Shield Of Economic Development

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It can be seen that people find certain difficulties regarding to economic development and environmental protection. Some of them strongly believe that prosperity of economy is the main cause of destruction with regard to environment. The opposite side claims that all the measures are taken to protect nature limit and narrow the opportunities of growth. Finally, several individuals keep position about the balance of these two extremes between development and preservation. These statements lead us to the question of whether economic development justifies harm to the environment. However, it is complicated to make essential answer to this issue. The first problem is that people should not think about economic development as something whole. It includes different institutions, specific divisions, and diverse fractions. The task of these units is in improvement of progress in concrete areas of industry. Consequently, economic development is a complete puzzle of components, and people should take into account all of these parts regarding to judgment of it. The second problem is that environment is initially intended to be in use of living beings. The key point of this statement is in matter of use resources. The author of this paper believes that it is more ignorant not to take advantage of using environment as resource, rather than harm it. In this way, people are not losing the tangible benefits of nature. However, it can be also argued that in such way people can run out of natural resources. Consequently, this situation leads to shortage of provision, breakdown of previous life, emergence of wars, and reduction of population. By the way, the last statement is closely related with one scholar, namely Thomas Malthus, who makes decisions on economy out of quantity. He believes that shortage of food is inevitable because population grows in geometrical ration, while production of food increases only arithmetically. Thus, humanity needs more productivity, more innovations, and more ways to keep and renew these limited resources. Basing on aforesaid, it can be seen that this paper examines the economic development, which allows people to have all the necessary opportunities and technologies, justifies harm to the environment, and it implies means of protection the environment via some innovations as renewable energy and alternative sources of energy, such as hydropower.
The means of renewable energy and alternative sources of energy has been emerged in consequence of development in areas of technology and industry. Dr. David Jhirad explains that the need for renewable energy has emerged during the energy crisis, and international participants decided to develop indigenous and renewable substitutes for imported petroleum. Afterwards, the idea that fossil fuels can be substituted has caused global thinking with respect to renewables. The advantages of renewable power systems are in competitive ability to provide electric power and thermal energy...

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