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Hymn To Helios: Titan Of The Sun

637 words - 3 pages

Fair-voiced Muses, begin to sing of radiant Helios, dazzling god of the sun,
brilliantly-rayed, bare to the Son of Earth and starry Heaven .
Bright tireless Helios, as you drive your chariot,
you shine upon men and immortal gods , bringing life-nourishing light to the Earth.
Without you, all would be desolate. Son of Hyperion burning radiantly,
crowned in fire with the power to blind or to restore lost sight, we welcome you
all-hearing deity! You ride across the heavens propelled by fire-winged stallions,
brother of Moon and Dawn, your sparkling eyes are seen far and wide,
piercingly you gaze with your eyes from under your superb helmet.
All-seeing observer, you behold the most solemn vows of humans
and rebuke those who dishonor their word.
Ruler of the day that streams through the houses of Olympus, you see all.
When Persephone, the one with the delicate ankles , was seized by ...view middle of the document...

A splinter of inflamed glow rips through the gray, spreads higher,
deep red becoming rosy, then golden.
The sky illuminates as the dim cloak of night diminishes; stars lay to rest,
Weakened by the awakening day as the heavens burst in a stroke of profound hue,
from east to west. Following the sweeping fingers of dawn,
four snowy steeds, soaring creatures with wings of fire,
that venture forth sprinting through the Heavens and the Ocean, tailed by thy flaming car,
a fiery chariot. With gradualness of speed but deliberate span,
you, purple-clad Helios, eyes sparkling, wondrously-crowned,
urge your team over the day’s hours carrying light to the Earth.
With oranges and reds you start your ascension, out of the depths of heaven,
nothing can diminish the spectacle of the splendid Sun mounting in glory and force.
Nimble and strong, esteemed Sun, flaming and bright across the heavens you fly.
The glorious Sun warms everything in its path, this burning sphere that brings life to Earth.
You are the light, bringing light and radiance, warmth and fire into the darkest corners.
Tireless son of Hyperion, you sail higher, growing more intense,
your endless eye with far-reaching survey lights up the entire sky,
And as the days grow longer, your journeys across the heavens become slower,
then, when you have stayed your golden-yoked chariot and stallions,
you rest there upon the uppermost peak of heaven,
until you spectacularly drive them once more down through heaven to Ocean .
As the days lengthen, your time spent in the land of perpetual night,
past the rising and setting sun become shorter.
As you are all-seeing, so you see us gathered here upon the Earth.
Foe to the wicked, but the righteous man’s guide, o’er all his deeds you reign.
With four blazing steeds you lead, when in the cart of day you resplendently drive,
bless thy supplicants with a life divine. Marvelous Titan, dazzling god of liberty,
hail to you, lord! Child of sight and blue heaven, you are continually overhead.
Generously bequeath on us the gift that cheers the heart, I pray,
be plentiful with your blessings.

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