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Description Of The Findings Of Hypertension In 2000’s

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In the last fourteen years, one of the prominent hypertension diseases in the 21st Century was pulmonary arterial hypertension. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is a progressive disease characterized by vascular proliferation and vasoconstriction of the small pulmonary arteries that eventually leads to right-sided heart failure and death. We have already known the fact that hypertension is the synonym for high blood pressure. But that is a general view. Let us get a detailed outline of what hypertension means. According to the Webster’s Dictionary, Hypertension is a condition in which the blood pressure is abnormally high. It not only damages the kidney and the heart, but also affects the brain and the eyes too. Not being itself a prudent cause, hypertension accelerates Atherosclerosis, which thus increases the risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. It is more common to people of old age and though it has no definite symptom, it can be figured out by the help of routine blood – pressure test. Up until now, we have no definite reason for why does hypertension occur. However, scientists have been able to find out the reason for another type of hypertension, which accounts for only 10% of the cases. The remaining 90% case which is caused by primary hypertension is the real deal though.
The Purpose of this Study is:
• To describe the different findings about Hypertension in 2000’s.
The research questions for this study are:
• How was Hypertension treated with different medication and therapy.

Review of literature
Kingman et al., (2011) studied that Patients with hypertension often initially have symptoms such as shortness of breath, tiredness and dropsy. They discovered that Treprostinil is a safe and effective drug used for the treatment of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (PAH). Specifically, PAH is defined as a mean pulmonary artery pressure of 25 mm Hg or greater with a normal pulmonary capillary wedge pressure of less than or equal to 15 mm Hg.
Let’s get into it a little bit deep. The use of inhaled Treprostinil drug is more effective than intravenous or subcutaneous route as it goes directly in the lung causing less systemic absorption so fewer side effects are monitored. This treatment can only be used for selected patients under the supervision of specialist. The use of treprostinil widens the narrowed blood vessel in the lung and other parts of the body. The right ventricles are more sensitive and are affected easily with increase of workload than in left ventricle.
This medication works by inhibiting endothelin-1 production which cause stimulation of guan late cyclize and that reduce endothelin-1.The patient who cannot tolerate parental therapy, it is delivered to the patient by the use of a portable infusion pump. The side effect of the infusion pump is infection and bleeding which generally occurs at infusion site. Although PAH has no cure, survival rates have improved with the advent of new targeted therapies...

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