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Hyperthyroidism Essay

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Hyperthyroidism is mostly common found in young women, which graves disease is the major cause of hyperthyroidism, and multinodular goiter is more common in older adults especially women.Hyperthyroidism is a result of excessive amount of circulatory thyroid hormone. Primary Hyperthyroidism, occurs when a problem within the thyroid gland cyases excess hormone release. Secondary hyperthyroidism occurs when there is excessive TSH release from the pituitary gland. With the high levels of hormone will increase the metabolic rate. The fight or flight response is the cause of many of the symptoms of the disease.Graves's disease that is a cause of hyperthyroidism is thought to be an autoimmune disorder, because the thyroid antibodies are present in the blood of these individuals.Multinodular goiter that occurs in older women secretes excess TH. While a pituitary tumor may secrete excess TSH which will over stimulate the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which there is overproduction of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland, causing the levels of thyroid hormone in the blood to be too high. People who have it are often said to have an "overactive thyroid". These are two major causes of hyperthyroidism. About 95 percent of persons diagnosed with hyperthyroidism are found to have a condition called Graves' disease. Most of the remaining persons have a condition called nodular thyroid disease. A less frequent cause is inflammation of the thyroid gland, called thyroiditis. Most common symptoms of hyperthyroidism.Symptoms include the following; Rapid heartbeat, sometimes with palpitations Extreme tiredness Inability to tolerate heat Excessive sweating Weight loss, with a normal or increased appetite Nervousness and irritability Inability to sleep Shakiness and muscle weakness, often with trembling in the hands Diarrhea Menstrual problems in women, especially lighter periods or absence of periods Some symptoms, such as excessive sweating and the inability to tolerate a hot environment are directly due to heat generated within the body by increased metabolic activity. Weight loss reflects use of body stores of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, as normal food intake cannot keep up with demand. The presence and severity of symptoms varies from person to person. For reasons not understood, older individuals with hyperthyroidism often have far fewer symptoms compared to younger people. Although many symptoms of hyperthyroidism cause distress, most are not dangerous. An exception occurs in some people who have heart disease. In these cases, untreated hyperthyroidism places additional stress on the heart, causing problems such as heart failure. Treatment for Hyperthyroidism is Anti-thyroid drugs radioactive iodine.Complications that are associated with hyperthyroidism is what is called Thyrotoxic Crisis is a sever hyperthyroid state that can occur in individuals who are untreated, or experiencing stress or an illness. May also occur after surgery that...

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