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Hypnosis: An Evolutionary Perspective On Cognitive Control And Its Applications

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Woody et al. (2005) sought to utilize hypnosis as a tool to facilitate the understanding of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by applying the security-motivation hypothesis. This hypothesis is contingent on the belief that a significant aspect of OCD is founded on an inability of the individual to be assured by what they perceive with their senses. In this experiment, even though their hands might appear clean, the individual cannot make that distinction and continues to wash. Two groups of individuals were hypnotized based on either high or low suggestibility with "yedasentience", an endogenous signal that the researchers believe informs an individual that they are secure (or in this case, clean). The two groups of participants were mixed into two conditions: hypnotized to acquire OCD-characteristics related to hand washing or hypnotized to experience a sense of calm and relaxation, which served as the control. Results demonstrated that those in the high hypnotizability-yedasentience blocked group took more time to wash their hands while there was no significant change in the low hypnotizability-yedasentience blocking group. Heart rate was also monitored when receiving suggestions; those suggested the potential harm condition demonstrated an increased heart rate while there was no change for those who received positive suggestions.
To further explore the concept of suppressing repetitive or automated behavior, Williams et al. (2010) detailed two studies related to cognitive control, specifically within the realm of predicting symptoms of psychopathologies such as the aforementioned OCD. This research used a self-report questionnaire that had been developed by the researchers, the Thought Control Ability Questionnaire (TCAQ), which was found to have high internal consistency and test-retest reliability and shown to have a high inverse relationship with obsessional thinking, anxiety, expression, and thought intrusiveness. The second study sought to test its ability to correlate self-reports on the questionnaire of weak cognitive control, specifically the ability to suppress intrusive negative thoughts, with failure in a distress suppressing task with the researchers controlling for OC symptoms and general psychopathology. The suppression task consisted of the participant being told to imagine a certain scenario involving a loved one in a car accident. This scenario is then referred to as the "target thought". In the baseline and monitoring conditions, which were identical and suppression conditions (x2) which followed the baseline than was broken apart by the monitoring conditions (x2). Each condition lasted 3 minutes with the participant pressing "X" on a computer screen each time they experienced the target thought. In-between the experiment condition, participants rated their level of distress and the effort they put in to suppress the target thought (from 1-100). Results held steady in terms of the inverse relationship between TCAQ scores and the...

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