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Hypnotism, contrary to common beleif, is merely state when your mind and body are In a state of relaxation and your mind is open to positive, or cleverly worded Negative, influences. It is not a trance where you: > are totally influencable. > cannot lie. > a sleep which you cannot wake up from without help. This may bring down your hope somewhat, but, hypnotism is a powerful for self help, And/or mischeif.+-----------------------+ ! Your subconcious mind ! +-----------------------+Before going in further, i'd like to state that hypnotism not only is great in the way That it relaxes you and gets you (in the long run) what you want, but also that it Taps a force of incredible power, beleive it or not, this power is your subconcious Mind. The subconcious mind always knows what is going on with every part of your Body,Every moment of the day. It protects you from negative influences, and retains the Power to slow your heartbeat down and stuff like that. The subconcious mind holds Just about all the info you would like to know about yourself, or, in this case, the Person you will be hypnotising. There are many ways to talk to your subconcious And have it talk back to you. One way is the ouja board, no its not a spirit, merely the Minds of those who are using it. Another, which i will discuss here, is the pendulum Method. Ok, here is how it goes. First, get a ring or a washer and tie it to a thread a Little longer than half of your forearm. Now, take a sheet of paper and draw a big Circle in it. In the big circle you must now draw a crosshair (a big +). Now, put the Sheet of paper on a table. Next, hold the thread with the ring or washer on it and Place it (holding the thread so that the ring is 1 inch above the paper swinging) in the Middle of the crosshair. Now, swing the thread so the washer goes up and down, say To yourself the word "yes" now, do it side to side and say the word "no". Do it counter Clockwise and say "i don't know". And lastly, do it clockwise and say "i dont want to Say." Now, with the thread back in the middle of the crosshair, ask yourself questions And wait for the pendulum to swing in the direction for the answer. (yes, no, i dont Know or i dont wanna say...). Soon, to your amazement, it will be answering questions Like anything... Let the pendulum answer, dont try.. When you try you will never get An answer. Let the answer come to you.+-------------------------+ ! How to induce hypnotism ! +-------------------------+Now that you know how to talk to your subconcious mind, i will now tell you how To guide someone into hypnosis. Note that i said guide, you can never, hynotise Someone, they must be willing. Ok, the subject must be lying or sitting in a Comfortable position, relaxed, and at a time when things arent going to be Interrupted. Tell them the following or something close to it, in a peaceful, Monotinous tone (not a commanding tone of voice)Note: light a candle and place it somewhere where it can be easily...

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