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Hypocrites Essay

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In the beginning stages of this research paper, I had no clue what to write regarding the topic of plagiarism. I began my first paragraph in class just as everyone else did. Yet, I could not help but feel that this essay was going to be immensely boring if I were to continue writing on the act of plagiarism itself. My paper demanded the extra spark that would capture my audience in order to make them feel privileged to read my astounding research paper. So I became determined to start my research before my introduction paragraph. I knew so little about plagiarism that I had to start researching immediately. I was undeniably bored when I began a fun search and stumbled upon multiple articles of preachers and pastors who have been accused or even charged with stealing other pastors sermons. Sometimes, the thieves went as far as cutting and pasting the sermon or article directly to their own sermons.

Now, borrowing or stealing has been on every persons thoughts ever since written language came into existence Plagiarism has been present in our history for numerous years. However, plagiarism had not been a vast issue among many people until the human race decided to claim copyrights of their own ideas. I am sure, however, that someone else probably thought the exact same idea before that person or at the same time s/he did, but did not get the opportunity to copyright the idea. The pursuance of ones ideas has become a mad rush to claim the idea on paper and send it to a copyright/patent office as soon as possible.

The process of stealing ones ideas goes as far back as written language and then even farther. Peter W. Morgan, owner of The Idler: A Web Periodical, wrote, even before the development of written language, poets and bards raided one another's work. Morgan continues on to mention how Homer based the Iliad and the Odyssey on passed down oral traditions. Morgan also used the example of Aesops fables and explained how they were not the work of Aesop, if indeed there ever really was an Aesop. Many people used to take others work because there were no laws back then against doing so. In fact, originality was unfavorable among many people who lived during the classical era.

The word plagiarism comes from the Latin word plagiarius, which literally means, kidnapped. The word was first used by Marcus Valerius Martialis, a Latin poet. Someone copied (kidnapped) his poems and circulated them under the copiers own name. However, in all my searching, I was unable to find the name of the thief. Regardless of his name, many college students would love to go into the house of Marcus Martialis and drag him out into the street and shoot him. Martialis has made it impossible for any student to do what some of the most famous authors (Homer, Aesop, Socrates, etc.) have done for many generations, plagiarize. With as many people there are in the world today, there could be a number of people with the same exact ideas. If any student is...

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