Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

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In statistical research, there are some major elements that exist. One major element is the hypothesis, which is defined as "a statement about a population parameter developed for the purpose of testing" (Lind et al, 2004, p 317). There are two types of hypothesis statements: the null hypothesis, which is a statement about the population, and the alternate hypothesis that is the statement accepted when the null hypothesis is rejected. As a reader, we must first locate the null hypothesis and understand how it pertains to the research study.In the article "Family Talk is Precious", Schwartz states his hypothesis in two parts. The first part is to state that fathers spend as little as 8 minutes each day with their children. The second part is to state that mothers spend 11 minutes or less each day with their children. These H would be written as: Fathers H : 8 minutes and Mothers H : 11 minutes.The article continues to discuss in depth the null hypothesis of the amount of time mothers spend with their children, relating specific examples to show how the null hypothesis is supported and not disproved. The null hypothesis statements are used as a guide-line, it seems, for the data collected by the author in a few studies that were conducted, one consisting of 1500 households and the other consisting of 55 families. Besides the introduction of the article, the null hypothesis is not restated in any way, but does act as the base of the information that is presented. The supporting information acts as the building blocks to...

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis - Identifies the hypotheses used to validate a business research study.

981 words - 4 pages Hypothesis Identification Article AnalysisIn today's zero-defect business environments, companies must select effective, informed decision makers for key decisions. Michael C. Jensen and William H. Meckling (1992) challenge this corporate maxim. They argue that the best decision maker is the person with the best incentives to make successful decisions, even if companies realigning their decision making processes spend more in communication costs

Statistics Assignment Hypothesis Identification

570 words - 2 pages Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 3 Running head: Hypothesis Identification Article AnalysisHypothesis Identification Article AnalysisJerry BrownUniversity of PhoenixHypothesis Identification Article AnalysisThis paper will be reviewing the article "The Relationship Between Firm Size, Competitive Advantages and Export Performance Revisited." Authored by Oystein Moen. This article takes on the theories that the size

Hypothesis Identification

533 words - 2 pages PAGE PAGE 1 Hypothesis Identification HYPOTHESIS IDENTIFICATION ARTICLE ANALYSISHypothesis Identification Article AnalysisHypothesis Identification Article AnalysisThe purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze the hypothesis of a peer-reviewed article. After much consideration and deliberation, the article that was chosen to analyze is "Ethanol Demand Growth and Related Impact on Corn and Poultry Markets" from The Journal of American

Quantitative Analysis: Family Presence during Invasive Procedures and CPR

2300 words - 9 pages . The article indicated that clients' families found the visitation was helpful to them and no psychological effects were suffered. The staff, 96% of nurses and 79% of attending physicians supported family presence during invasive procedures and CPR. The article posed the main research question in the overview and was easy to identify.HypothesisA hypothesis is a formal statement used to predict the outcome of the study. The research findings will

Epidemiological Studies

2142 words - 9 pages demonstrated the second largest odds ratio (Munnoch et al., 2008). METHOODS AND ANALYSIS A multi-jurisdiction case control study including different method was initiated to test the hypothesis that S.Saintpaul infection was associated with the consumption of cantaloupe. First method used was hypothesis generation in which fourteen newly notified S. Saintpaul cases were interviewed with a standardized 7-day retrospective hypothesis generating and

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1282 words - 5 pages Strategy?’ (Bossuyt & Sheriff, 2010). In this article the authors formulate three scenario’s for the future of the JAES. My intention is the critical analysis and interpretation of this scenario’s and the formulation, if it seems as necessary, of a further and more profound scenario for the future of the JAES. The whole analysis of this thesis will consider the research question: Is the JAES, formulated by the AU and the EU, a realistic plan to

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1232 words - 5 pages characteristic in relation to Fanconi syndrome without glucosuria.According to a report published in Clin Genet 2000 Munksgaard: 58 named Identification of a novel deletion of the entire OCRL 1 gene detected by FISH analysis in a family with Lowe syndrome by Peverall , Edkins, Goldblatt & Murch in 2000, "The affected male in this study was diagnosed as having Lowe syndrome on the basis of the typical oculocerebrorenal manifestations, with an

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2574 words - 10 pages review are either theoretical or empirical literature (Burns & Grove, p 110). Theoretical literature reviews contain models, theories, concept analysis or conceptual frameworks that relates to the problem. An empirical literature review contains published or unpublished studies on the subject (Burns & Grove, p 111).The literature review in this article contained empirical literature information. Three separate studies identified concepts

Hypothesis Testing (Gas Prices)

1103 words - 4 pages when it is true (Lind, Marchal, and Wathen 2004). The third step is selecting a test statistic or value from the sample. A decision rule formulates, which will determine acceptance or rejection of the null hypothesis. Finally, Team C compares the test statistic to the critical value and reports the results. Team C's sample consists of 20 gas stations from Florida and Michigan, (Appendix A).Identification of Hypothesis:Ho: umichigan &gt

The Relationship Between Geography and Civil War

3504 words - 15 pages territorial clusters in a nation. Territorial concentration “S is measured by the Herfindahl concentration formula. The independent variable can range from 0.01 (less concentrated) to 1 (very concentrated.) Empirical Analysis For the three hypotheses previously discussed, the empirical analysis supports two of them. First, the hypothesis in the first article that claims identity groups are more likely to fight their civil conflicts away from the


894 words - 4 pages monitoring at p value <.05 at 5.97 and 6.63 for both ownership and tenure analysis at 1.75 and 1.33. R^2 is the percent of the data that would be described by the regression analysis in table 3 R^2 is true for both Vigilant .42 and Lax .52 monitoring supporting both hypothesis since it's a moderate R^2 value.Using selected data from the article, present the results of the study and the supporting evidence for the conclusions presented. NOTE: DO NOT

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

778 words - 3 pages Hypothesis Identification Article AnalysisResearching the on line University Library for information concerning health issues as it relates to obesity presented article in a Marketing Week June 12, 2007 release on the problem facing Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Co. While they have responded by trying to widen their respective product portfolios to include still drinks, juices and water, Coca-Cola is still keen to keep the fizz in colas

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

724 words - 3 pages hypothetical basis of the study. Evans and Wier establish four hypotheses to analyze the management question raised in their research. The objective of the study is to show that organizations "employing appropriate monitoring and incentive schemes will on average, have a higher level of profitability than firms that do not" (Evans and Wier, 1995).Evans and Wier use a four hypothesis model to match the four-step decision making model that they believe

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

758 words - 3 pages What is hypothesisHypothesis a preliminary assumption or tentative explanation that accounts for a set of facts, taken to be true for the purpose of investigation and testing, a theory. The scientific method is a systematic approach to research Falsifiability is the most important feature of hypothesis testing. Other methods of testing (falsifying) hypotheses include dialectic, logic, probability and statistics.By evaluated the ability of key

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis: What The World Bank Knows, And What It Only Thinks It Knows

632 words - 3 pages PAGE 3 PAGE 3 Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis Running Head: HYPOTHESIS IDENTIFICATION ARTICLE ANALYSISHypothesis Identification Article Analysis: What the World Bank Knows… And What It Only Thinks It KnowsThe term hypothesis refers to "the suggested explanation of a phenomenon or reasoned proposal suggesting a possible correlation between multiple phenomena" (Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia, 2007). It is generally based on