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AbstractAfter carefully reviewing our previous research study, including the null and alternative hypothesis statements and their related data and its results, we noted an omission that could change the outcome of our previous report. The Atkins Diet parameters had spelled out that on Saturday evenings it was appropriate to go out for dinner at a restaurant (they recommend Outback, Lone Star or Colorado Mining Co. Steakhouses), that has an Atkins approved menu.When we take the total cost figures from the previous study, Atkins $231.38 and American $162.77, and add $50.00 (two meals at $25.00) to the Atkins Diet plan for our Saturday evening meal, we arrive at the following adjusted figures: the new Atkins' cost is $281.38 and our traditional American diet remains at $162.77. Our null hypothesis states that by switching from a traditional American diet, a family will incur an additional increase of at least twenty percent in food costs. This increase would mean that our null hypothesis is H0: 20%. We had anticipated that our research would support our decision not to reject the null hypothesis. Our original findings were that by switching to the Atkins Diet, a person would only incur an additional fifteen percent increase in food costs, thus leading us to reject our null hypothesis.Our alternate hypothesis was therefore not rejected, and stated that there was not a twenty percent minimum increase in the Atkins related food costs. This alternate hypothesis was stated as H1: < 20%.After noting our omission and discussing its implications, we now would like to again review the cost differences associated with the traditional American Diet vs. the low-carb Atkins Diet. However, we would like to add and include in our research not only dining out, but beverages, including alcohol, for both diets. We would like to examine if adding the "dining out variable" to both sides of the equation significantly affects the previous outcome. We are also planning to calculate the total costs of each diet for a period of one month.Our null hypothesis would remain as H0: 20%, while our alternate hypothesis would still be H1: < 20%.Skewing Results: Get All The Results You Want!Variables are an interesting part of everyday life, but a high ethical standard must be adhered to when doing research. Our variables for the current research are dining out and beverage selections. Could we alter the results of our findings by selecting menus to input into our data? The answer is yes. In our previous research we calculated that dining out on the Atkins Diet at an Outback or Lone Start Steakhouse would cost us approximately $25.00 per meal. While we feel this is a fair and accurate figure, what if we altered the parameters of our steakhouses selection with the likes of a Ruths' Chris Steakhouse or Wolasky's? Our cost per meal would escalate to a minimum of $40.00 with a mean of $65.00. As for the American Diet, we could just as easily put down a $15.00 per meal figure for...

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