Hypothesis Testing Of The Observation Ablities/Differences Of Males/Females

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INTRODUCTIONWhat is true in the eyes of one, can be seen as a delusion inanother. We, as a society, are made up of a dramatically diverse amalgamof cultures and abilities. Finding out what those differences are can helpus reach a better understanding of each other, thus a more equitablerelationship can be developed. Therefore, finding the observationalabilities of a given group may help yield some interesting and valuableinformation.In the following study several groups were tested on theirobservational abilities. In order to develop such a test, it was necessaryto devise a structured approach for gathering and interpreting theinformation. Therefore, the scope of the test was formulated based onhypothesis testing. The following hypothesis was established as thecriterion for the test:Null hypothesis (Ho) :Males and females do not have different observational abilitiesAlternative Hypothesis (H1) :Males and females do have different observational abilitiesEXPERIMENTAL DESIGNThe study consisted of 3 groups of varying size and structure.During the initial phase, the members of the study were unaware thatany test was being conducted. The locations of the test were WilfordHall Medical Center : Primary Care Meeting, University of the IncarnateWord : World Literature Class, and University of Texas at San Antonio :Business Statistics Class. The sample sizes and constructs were asfollows:Wilford Hall Medical Center : 30 people - 19 (F) 11 (M)University of the Incarnate Word : 19 people - 9 (F) 10 (M)University of Texas at San Antonio: 32 people - 11 (F) 21 (M)The test subjects were all presented with the same scenario, given thenormal degree of variation. The procedure of the test was as follows:· The instructor/manager was advised that a test would beconducted sometime during the period.· A male messenger with black hair and wearing a blue shirtand slacks, would enter the room unannounced.· The messenger would hand an envelope to the instructor.· The messenger would then say, 'This is from Debbie'.· The messenger would then exit the room.The instructor/manager had been asked to wait 10 minutes, then theinstructor/manager would pass out a form for the respondents to fillout (Results: Sample Form).All the data was compiled and corrected, then the data was inputtedinto the SPSS statistical program for analysis. Each correct answeron the form was given a value of 10 and each incorrect answer was givena value of 0. The male and female respondents were analyzed individuallyby sex and group (Results: Descriptives), Then the relevant scores anddata of the groups were evaluated against each other (Results: ObservationTest - Mean Scores).RESULTSThe following pages contain a sample test and the output of dataretrieved from the study. The programs used to evaluate and display thedata were the SPSS Professional Statistical Software and Microsoft Excel.SAMPLE TEST FORMPlease answer the following questions about the messenger that...

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