Hyundai Motor Group Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizations reflect social systems whose main constituents are people. In this regard, people, therefore, make up the living breathing element of the organization, and are usually referred to as the workforce, or Human Resource. They exist as individuals or groups, and come together to accomplish certain specific goals. As such, they create the organization to serve their needs and not vice versa. People tend to behave and respond in different ways to similar situations. This is primarily influenced by factors such as value systems and philosophies. These factors in turn, influence the attitudes of the social system of an organization, and ultimately impact on the overall ...view middle of the document...

As a matter of necessity, it is imperative to recognize the interrelationship between technology and information. ICT has repositioned the mechanism for the application of technology from a background basis, to a foreground ne, whereby computers and computer software provide administrative solutions such as accounting and data storage, to manufacturing solutions such as product designs and processes, to the manipulation of manufacturing equipment (Rahmanti, Darouian, Ahmandina, 2012). Technology has, therefore, influenced how business information is monitored, captured and measured, both passively and actively. Certain traditional constraints such as time and space have been reduced significantly, or altogether eliminated.
The changes associated with technological advances across the business environment are diverse, but three seem to stand out; the resulting inexpensiveness of information, increase in workforce effectiveness and productivity, and reduction in the number of employees or increase in unemployment. Individuals who previously did not have access to valuable information can now access it quickly, easily and conveniently through the internet. The level of effectiveness in productivity as a result of technological nuances is likely to increase as employees learn and apply new skills. Electronically mechanized system has without a doubt replaced a huge population of human workforce. Machines are expected to accomplish more production units than human workforce, which creates a scenario whereby less and less people are required.
Technology has been described by many commentators as he key driver for globalization. However, several other factors intertwine in affording interdependency on the prevalence of globalization. They include, but are not limited to; international trade, international relations, i.e. political harmonization, etc. According to Brooks, Weatherston & Wilkinson (2014), globalization has a affected a variety of human life aspects that touch on communication, travel & leisure, transport, products and their processes. The era of globalization has forced the business environment to rethink its traditional concept of market, consumer, and sales. In this regard, businesses have seemingly discovered that customers inexplicably reflect certain similar needs, wants and tastes; and that customers exist globally, as opposed to nationally. It is therefore, a necessity for businesses to understand how market transfer of products and services can be leveraged so as to remain consistent in the global market.
A key resultant of globalization in reference to the business environment is the increasing growth and influence of the modern day global multinational company model. These companies or conglomerates, or subsidiaries, have in the recent past acquired immense dominion and power that is reflected in their sheer structural organization, characterized by the number of workforce they employ and the output in sales...

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