I Got Pregnant As A Sophmore

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Scenario: I had become a pregnant sophomore and was wondering what to do.

I was so confused about my pregnancy now that Jack had said that he had nothing to do with it and he did not want to se me ever again. How stupid was I, to go with everything he had to say, otherwise I would not be in this dilemma. Not even my parents knew about this. I kept on asking myself if I had to assure them. I thought maybe the best thing was to kill myself before anyone found out about this, but it would not solve anything only depression piled in the walls of my brain that I was not able to concentrate or think of what I was doing. Only God knew what I was going through. It was only a week after I realized I was pregnant. I once had an idea of having the baby and put it up for adoption but I thought it would only be devilish of me to give away my child for lotto when I was still alive, but still I had no other option but to either do that or abort the baby or kill both of us after the birth. I knew I needed help right away but I could not accept that at the moment since I decided to keep it totally confidential. Doing this only made me ride a bicycle in the mud, I was not going anywhere with it. My teenage years were pretty much like olive seed and I really assumed this was the end of my precious but ruined life, altogether. I regretted the minute I was born. Only thinking about what was going to happen next made my head spin like a roller coaster. I would throw up and I lost a lot of weight. My life was truly a jigsaw puzzle, there was nothing I could think of that would bring me back to the real world as I knew it. This was totally fiction, starring unprofessional actors and directors considering the fact that I was acting in every scene, posing as the man the robe giving myself instructions. As my first pregnancy, it did not quite show in addition of a belly flattener I had bought with my monthly allowance to cover up the sack of peanuts growing from the soil of my body. My school work was drastically falling and made no sense at all I was just confused. I know my parents would notice the change in me but I always had a way to escape their senate. Two weeks later I had to do something that I know I will be judged for in heaven. I took abortion pills and got rid of my innocent but unplanned for fetus. I really thought it was worth it, I wanted my life back, and unfortunately I was not able to save or rather keep my child?s. It was worth it and my parents or friends never found out but I still have issues with the Lord but I hope he forgives me and I have faith (as my other name says) that he will definitely give me a less painful and memorable side of the valley to the hill.

The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $9 billion annually. Thirty-one percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 --...

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