I Love My Daddy! A Story About Kadie's Holiday With Her Father!

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As her head rose from her tiny hands, she glared up at the dark figure standing in front of her. The room in which she was sitting was like a cave carved into the side of a tall mountain. It was quite dark, smelt funny and made her feel insecure. Kadie stared at the man sitting in front of her continuously before lowering her face into her hands again. "Come on love, the sooner you tell me the faster you can go home," said the man softly as he reached across the desk to wipe a tear from her eye. "You can trust me you know""I can't trust you. The only person I can trust is my daddy. I love my daddy," she snapped back."Ok then love, tell me about your dad.""I love my daddy""I know you do Kadie, but tell me what he is like.""My daddy is the best dad I could ever have. He teaches me everything. He is my best friend.""Can you tell me about your holiday with your dad Kadie?"" Daddy took me on a holiday to Queensland...."As I emerged from the warm tropical ocean, I glanced over to see my dad sunbaking on the on the soft sand. Dad loved to lie out in the sun and let he skin absorb the bright rays. I caught a wave into the shore and remained in the water, keeping a close eye on my prey. When I thought it was safe I ran up to our umbrella, grabbed my sand bucket and ran as fast as I could back to the waters edge and dived into an oncoming wave. I stayed as close as I could to the ground as I observed my target once again. When the right time came, I filled my sand bucket with the warm salty ocean water and crept cautiously up to it. I stood directly above it and poured the water all over it. Dad jumped as the water dripped off his body, grabbed me, pulled me tightly into his body, and rolled me around into the sand until I could hardly breathe, as I was laughing so hard. Then he dragged me back into the water and swam with me for a while. It felt like it was all afternoon because by the time we walked back to our apartment, the sun had nearly sunk below the horizon. Dad and I sat up on the balcony and watched the sun set. It was so beautiful. The oranges, reds and yellows just blended together like rainbow swirl ice cream.I awoke suddenly as dad jumped on my bed and began tickling me. "Kadie, I have a surprise for you. Get up sweetie and get dressed, then come down stairs." I jumped out of bed, eager to know what my surprise was. I ripped off my pj's and put on a skirt and top, with my togs underneath. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and there it was waiting for me on the table. A sudden rush of excitement flooded through my body as I went over to examine it. "Wow dad," I said, "it's great; Thanks""Your welcome love, anything for my little girl.""I have always wanted a fishing rod""I know you have, but I have something else for you as well." My eyes widened as I looked at dad with anticipation. He handed me a white envelope. "What is it?" I asked. "Open it and you will see." I ripped open the envelope to reveal a boat pass. "This will let...

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