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I Am A Gun Owner And I Want Gun Control

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According to a recent article written by Mark O’Mara a legal analyst of while stating his personal opinion regarding gun control, he brought up several important points of the current debates between opposition and acceptance of new regulations for gun control. He first brings up the inquiry of how does a teenager gain access to fire arms, secondly references that a friend of his predicts 10 mass shootings during 2014 that will make it into national news
and additionally states that if gun owners don’t allow reasonable flexibility, they may face over-restrictions and finally how he believes that the second amendment can survive a reform and that in fact our constitution is meant to ...view middle of the document...

I would also like to see what has been done to date if anything to research that.
What is more interesting to further research is how did a friend of mark O’Mara predicted that in 2014 around 10 mass shootings will occur and gain national attention. What situations did he use on his study or research and what type of information does he have to support his claim; as the stamen stands in this article it sounds to me more of a speculation.
Additionally Mark O’Mara states that if gun owners don’t allow reasonable flexibility, they may face over-restrictions. This followed by his supplementary statement
Americans are fiercely independent, sometimes to a fault, and we bristle at any effort seen as trampling our inalienable rights. But the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution have never been unfettered. Each amendment in the bill of rights has spawned a legacy of case law that interprets, defines, refines and restricts our basic freedoms based on the values and needs of the people at the time.
While his point makes perfect sense to me, I wish he would have included thoughts or views from others as well. I am sure people opposing the gun control regulations could possible argue this point as infringing in their rights. For...

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