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I Am A Man And I Am Opressed

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I am a man and I am oppressed
I love studying living organisms, different species, particularly the most complex ones, like homo sapience, and I prefer to assume they are rational, and no one would volunterily submit to unfounded wrongdoing. No one would be oppressed or be oppressive if only the groundwork of distress pattern was not laid for imposing mistreatment. Oppression is socially condoned, systematic denial of basic human needs, it’s a disease placed in the minds through different institutions, embedded in laws, customs, norms, histories, morals of the society, with an explanation “this is just the way the world is”. This is so wrong, so ridiculous and so sad. Societies are full of lies, stereotypes and illusions. The world is not just the way it is. Experiences become internalized, people form stigmas, subconscious associations,and begin to perceive certain actions as oppressive even if they were not. This kind of inflexible thinking as a result of accumulation of distractive patterns linked to bad incidents create oppression. Subsequently, people assume it is their own faults and flaws. Our mind is very vulnerable. Genes play part of who we are, but external world makes the other part to make us a whole entity. The real question is what conditions we are imposed to. I am far from saying humans are passive and submit to all dominations of any condition. On the contrary, we are the only species capable of thinking intelligently,to reason.
But there are no identical entities in this universe, not even two electrons are absolutely identical, thus no two environmental situations are exactly the same to be addressed in the same manner based on an experience. New condition is new and that is its beauty of it. Intelligence is coming up with a thought, approach which has never occurred before. Therefore handling each new situation, information require new analysis, modified, adapted, similar to the past one yet different.
This time I want to analyze causes, effects and possible solution of oppression. It’s a well known fact that female are the vicitms of intense sexism, but we are leaving out the mistreatments that males face.
Boys’ perception begin to be ruined from their first moment of their life. The transition process from boyhood to manhood is beset by a deliberate discouragement and suppression of men’s ability to feel emotions, discharge the distressed ones. Fear, grief, loneliness, uncertainty all weaknesses are covered over with the pretense of confidence and resurrections such as “boys don’t cry, be a man, it’s man’s job to die for the honor of his country”, etc. Exposition of violence, aggression,sufferings, threatenings to toughen, harden young males, Isolation, harsh expectations dehumanize their psychology , by being a man they become unable to recognize their own feelings.
Men, like all human beings are inherently good, caring, gentle. They feel as much pain as women do. Their real nature is obscured and distorted by...

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