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I Am Australian Essay

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John SmithACME Corporation123 Corporate LaneMilford, CT 06461March 2, 2007Charles JonesCFOFictiona, Inc.456 Executive DriveAnywhere, CT 06777Dear Charles Jones:As a long-time admirer of the outstanding work that your organization has done in the market, I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to see how your company functions from the inside. As you indicated during our meeting, your organization has grown to a point where it needs to dramatically enhance its accounting function so that it can continue to function effectively.This correspondence outlines the complete scope of work you requested, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities, and estimated fees.OBJECTIVEImplement the Model 60 accounting system on the network. Install the Model 60 software, including implementation and setup, training, conversion assistance, and post-conversion support of the library master, general ledger, accounts payable, and import master modules. Provide professional assistance related to this new system and coordinate the bridge to and from the Wile Research and Coyot, Ltd. software. Success of this project is dependent not only on the software, but also on your personnel's skill, effort, and willingness to work as a cohesive team.SCOPE OF SERVICESProceduresAssist in planning implementation of the Model 60 accounting system.Recommend steps required to successfully install the new system and assist in assembling setup information and accounting data used in the implementation process.Establish specifications for the bridge from the Wile Research software to capture cash receipt information. (Note: Wile Research software has a "general ledger distribution" file that contains information that can be bridged in detail or summary format. The interface (export file) will be written by Wile Research staff.)Establish specifications for the bridge from the Coyot, Ltd. software to bridge payment schedules for grants issued.Write the bridge to receive (import) the information into the Model 60 software.BENEFITSWhen the project is complete, our neighborhood group will have successfully converted to the Model 60 integrated accounting system. Benefits include timely,...

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730 words - 3 pages different as well, with Big Jim I really wanted to create a distinctly Australian character, so I used direct speech, but I also used Australian colloquial language, in things like "Bee-yoo-tiful" which is very Australian, and in "... but what I am saying is that I'm every bloody bit as good as you are!" this direct speech reveals the nature of the character, especially the second quote, but the Australian colloquial language of 'bloody' and

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636 words - 3 pages words you speak are admirable.I am going to pick an Australian sportsperson as my Greatest Australian person. I have chosen this person because he has not only accomplished some great sporting achievements, but demonstrated all the above personal characteristics of greatness and used the opportunities made available from these achievements to set an example and make a difference in society. To represent one's country is a great honour and gives the

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1338 words - 6 pages Q1. Demonstrated ability to work in an environment requiring strong customer service skills. As an administrative officer in my previous role in Minister Joy Burch’s office I demonstrated excellent communication and listening skills. In this role I had to respond to clients orally and in writing for example, sending emails, writing correspondence and making phone calls. In my role as Secretary for the South Sudanese-Australian Community

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596 words - 2 pages know whom I am referring this might jog your memory.- Throw another shrimp on the Barbie- That's not a knife this is a knifeWhen foreigners think of the way Australians speak, they think back to the Australian tourism adds, featuring Paul Hogan. They think g'day mate, your gonna have to get used to playing footy without helmets, your gonna get wet cuz where surrounded by water, so come on over ill throw another's shrimp on the Barbie for ya.When

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2521 words - 10 pages against possible invasion. The threat of invasion was also a factor affecting the way in which Australian soldiers fought against the Japanese. The threat that Japan posed to their homeland contributed to hatred of the Japanese. Soldiers were told that they were fighting to prevent the death of their families. In a letter home from Malaya Private Jack Sewell wrote, "The only place that I am at all concerned about is Australia and everything

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2574 words - 10 pages . Australian Government, 13 Feb. 2008. Web. 25 May 2014.][27: Class Note. Allas, Tess. "Week Twelve: Issues, Controversies and the Future." Right Here Right Now: Aboriginal Art since 1984. COFA, Sydney. 26 May 2014. Lecture.]When asked whether he made art in order to be political Albert replied, "I am an Aboriginal person, I am a contemporary artist, I am me. My work focuses on that what I know and who I am.". The fact that urban Indigenous artists like

Sense of National Identity

1712 words - 7 pages for many decades prior to and after federating and becoming a unified nation in 1901 (Commonwealth of Australia, 2012). There is an innate need to prove oneself and questions of who am I and where do I fit in the world are asked, default answers can come from parental figures but an independent identity is unfortunately not often established until a tragedy occurs. This feeling of cohesiveness can be shaped by many events in a nation’s history

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626 words - 3 pages , members of the opposing team, and Ladies and gentlemen. My name is ……………….. and I am the first speaker of the affirmative team. As the affirmative team, we strongly believe and will prove to you that multiculturalism is good, and in fact, in every way beneficial to the contemporary Australian society We, define multiculturism as a term which describes the cultural and ethnic diversity of a country. Meaning we as the affirmative teams believes

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1252 words - 5 pages If you went into any Australian classroom and asked if anyone knew who Ned Kelly was, chances are you'd get an answer of something like: "mm yeah, that bushranger who had the steel bucket on his head who got shot". Not many people know the real story, but it is an intriguing one. Ned Kelly has, over the years, been described as a hero, "one of the most romantic figures in history", "the father of our national courage", an Australian icon. To a


551 words - 2 pages high life. I am trying to appeal to these people, with the hope that they may begin to donate to organizations such as SAAP. It is a campaign to open the eyes of Australians to the reality of homelessness in our societies and communities. The full severity is not known to the Australian population. As you can see, more needs to be done about the prevalence of homelessness in our society. I hope to make a difference with my advertising campaign, see improvement in our society, a decrease in poverty and get teenagers off the street and back in to the safety of our communities.

World War 1 Sources Revolving Around Australia

1610 words - 6 pages successful in capturing small sectors of the German trenches but, without support at their flanks, were subjected to fierce counter-attacks and were forced to retreat. By 8 am on 20 July 1916, the onslaught was over. This primary source photograph was taken during the last moments prior to the Fromelles offensive. The image shows soldiers of the Australian 5th Battalion waiting to don their equipment. Only three of the men in this photograph came out

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1013 words - 4 pages Cunningham Stuart ,“History, Contexts, Politics, Policy”.) Philip Bell discusses in his article that even in the first two decades of television ‘American programs and formats dominated commercial channels’ ( Cited in an article by Bell Phillip, ‘Television’). So Americanization of Australian television is not just a recent development. This problem has been there right from the beginning with American shows like Leave it to Beaver and I love Lucy

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700 words - 3 pages Essay plan Essay question: To what extent is tolerance an admirable aspect of Australian identity? An essay plan will help me arrange ideas logically and stay on the right track during writing. My plan will state how I am going to prove my argument to support the thesis of the question. First find out what is the thesis of the question. And put the thesis into the introduction. Thesis: This essay will argue that the tolerance is an admirable

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1432 words - 6 pages news television show and it was quite humorous. I am going to give a quick history lesson on Australia then go into how the government formed and came to be. Then I will talk about the Australian constitution, the Australian arms of government, their federal system, political parties and Australia’s current Prime Minister. The government of Australia is Constitutional Monarchy and a Federal Parliamentary. According to the Australian Government

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959 words - 4 pages the technique tone very passionately and effectively. He conveys very clearly his feelings of anger and frustration. He creates mood and pulls a confronted response from readers, "wether you like it or not, I am one of you." The tone aggresive, confronting and dominant. A change occurs in the tone towards the end suggesting the journey Kimninos has overcome to finally be a socially accepted Australian. The tone becomes one of relief and