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I Am Mexican And I Am Pursuing The American Dream

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Many immigrants face the day to day challenge of learning the primary language in a given country, making it a difficult task for them to communicate with other peers. Communication is the main component to our society, in which everyone is forced to learn the new language. The American dream is a journey to accomplish. Immigrants who enter this country come with a dream they want to pursue “the American dream,” by pursuing this dream they’ll overcome all of the obstacles brought upon them or so they believe. The American dream has only been a dream that not many individuals with different ethnic backgrounds achieve. For example, Hispanic immigrants migrate to the land of freedom and better opportunities to obtain a life that their native land could not offer. The American Dream has become a deceiving dream for many immigrants; it should no longer be the ethos for the U.S. Immigrants are deceived when it comes to the American dream since it only becomes reality for those of wealth. Therefore, leaving immigrants to realize that education is the only way to success and the American dream does not really exist.
“America is a land built by immigrants, a patchwork of different cultures and creeds. But despite many differences, Americans are held together by the promise of a better life” (Forbes, 2007). The American dream can be looked upon as false advertisement to immigrants who have always tried to obtain it. There is really no American dream, it’s just a motivation put out there to help those try to accomplish something that really isn’t there. Immigrants are fooled into coming to a land where there is freedom of speech, religion, economic understanding, and from fear; but does not really have anything else to offer to them. They enter a world in which they believe everything will be better off when in reality they are discriminated against and find it difficult to assimilate into. The U.S. is a corrupt nation of false dreams.
Moreover, the American dream is simply a motto because it lures everyone in to the U.S for greater opportunities that it does not offer. In my case, my father immigrated from Mexico to the U.S to obtain a better life, but he just simply found himself facing very challenging obstacles that did not help him instead a barrier was created. When my father came into the U.S he came here illegally, his goal was to get an education, have a family, and have a better lifestyle than he previously had in his native land. However, he faced a tough time trying to receive an education since he did not understand the primary language which made it difficult for him to be able to fully understand the assignments given, so instead he found it easier to drop out. As he chose to drop out due to difficulties learning the language and since in his homeland he never attended school he did not know how to write or read which made everything more difficult. In addition, he found everything to be hard and deceiving since his goal was not going to...

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