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I Am Not Racist But… Essay

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In the 21st century, the younger generation of today thinks that the society that we live in has change tremendously compared to the individuals in the past century. The truth is that mostly everyone has change some their views on the way they view each race, but overall there is still a problem in the public. Even I make some assumptions about people counting on the way they carry themselves and act in the public, but I do not judge a person pertaining to their skin color.
Growing up in the United States as a African American I have learned that we not only live in a world where race matters, but it seems that we live in a world that is racist in its own way because everyone is raised up to believe in certain stereotypes, which may leave them to feel a certain way against a certain group or class of people. Even today when someone goes to a business or corporation for a job interview, the interviewer may put in consideration how light skinned the person is in order for them to decide who gets the job against the other interviewees counting on the race that they are without even knowing what they are doing since most of the earthly views about someone is embedded in their minds. In addition, base off the 2010 Census Block Data most cities and towns in America are segregated with a majority of white people living in one area and the minority living in another section away from them. I have also learned recently in my philosophy class that people assumptions about different ethnicity have not only been passed down for many centuries, but millenniums by philosophers who views are still being held today.
In my opinion, personally I do not judge a person by their color, but look at the character they label themselves to be. For instance, if a person from a different nationality came into an area where I was at with a majority of black people, I would obviously notice the person because of appearance,...

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