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"I Am The Cheese" Quotes Which Give Clues That The Character Is Recapping The Past.

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I Am the Cheese "Clues"Pg. 11- Suspense: "...the wind like a snake..."Pg. 11- "...high above on the hill, there's a hospital." It's the hospital where Adam is.Pg. 12- "But Mr. Parker and the school and all that were behind me now." He is no longer in the town, he is secluded in the hospital.Pg. 12- " a little kid..." He sees himself, alone.Pg. 12- all the fears. He feels lost.Pg. 13- "...I am gong by bike..." Somehow he knows there is no way he could ride on a bus.Pg. 17- "It's as if I my own right." It's the night when Paul Delmonte is no longer, and Adam Farmer is born.Pg. 19- "Because my father doesn't smoke." Under the program, Adam's father quit.Pg. 20- " if they were being chased." From that point on, they were being chased.Pg. 21- "...the panic shivered..." Somehow he knows it would be dangerous to say more.Pg. 24- " you know...listening anyway." Adam feels very suspicious of his parents.Pg. 24- "They can forge anything..." Adam's whole life has been forged.Pg. 34- "If I can step outside myself..." His adventure is all in his mind.Pg. 35- "...German Shepard..." The dog in his adventure is at the hospital.Pg. 39- Adam becomes suspicious of Brint. On some level he knows that this situation has something funny about it.Pg. 43- "...they seemed to be running..." Even at nine he could sense his father's fear.Pg. 51- "The operator..." The operator at the hospital is a man. Adam is calling from there.Pg. 63- "...he couldn't remember any Farmers..." Adams finds out that his parents could be lying.Pg. 63- "But something made him remain silent." On some level Adam must have known that if his parents were lying, then he shouldn't tell Amy about it.Pg. 86- "Sure kid..." The guy already knew Adam.Pg. 87- "They're everywhere...and...

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