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I Am, You Are, We Are 10 Pound Poms

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Smoke covered the air like a blanket. The great mouth of Southampton Harbour cradled the ginormous ships, all prepped to sail. The scene before me was, like a scene from the old films my mother used to show us every Friday night. People whizzed through the port. As they passed me, I saw their stories written plainly on their faces: a mother crying goodbye to her sons, lovers waiting for their bright new future, constables patrolling the edges to maintain law and order.

As a child, I always dreamed that I would one day leave England. I yearned to travel abroad. My passions were for boats, geography and history. These were an extremely important part of my life. My mother was a school ...view middle of the document...

My grandmother’s wrinkles were as dark as I ever remember, grandmother gripped baby Margaret very tightly while she was screamed my name over and over with sadness. My mother was the final person I looked at; she had a look of despair on her face with one arm raised signalling that she wanted me to stay. We had formed a special relationship when father died. I could always lean on her shoulder for comfort and support during these dark times. I wondered what their lives would be without me. Finally, I approached the male immigration officer, written all over his face was a feeling of honour, as he had stamped our tickets that let us go to Australia. He stamped my ticket quite quickly and allowing me on to the SS Austrius’s gangway.

Now on the gangway, I had only one obstacle to overcome, the ships officer. You had to be 18 to travel by yourself and I was only 17 at the time of the departure. My birthday was on the 7th day of our journey. Walking up towards the ships officer my heart was beating rapidly, my hands were shaking and my palms were sweating like mini oases. He was asking all passengers for their ticket, name and age. After which seemed like an eternity, it was my turn to be interrogated by the...

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