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I Can Smile Once More Essay

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As I walked down the continuous hallway, chatters gradually rippled to murky whispers. Only a few crisp words lurk in my ear, and I knew I was the victim. The hallway stretched itself as did the misery. I passed by Ane as time felt adrift. Sisters in two diverse worlds, she was the Sun and I was the Moon. The Moon was only acknowledged because of the Sun, because without the Sun, Moon would be nothing. So the Moon stayed lonely in the dark sky always being compared, for the moon can never shine by itself.

I fiddled with my pencil as our snobby teacher announced the owners of the testes, her spit dance joyously on our faces. Her hair was gelled so securely in a bun that ...view middle of the document...

I then put my head down as my black gloomy hair cover my face. She then let go of my hair with disgust “ what’s wrong ? Bao Yu then flipped her hair as she left she muttered, “ Just die Xie.” She then hit my lunch box, spilling all the dumplings to the empty ground. “ This world isn’t for you.”

After I clean everything up, everyone left for lunch break. The room was quiet, although my head overloading with screams. I kept thinking about “ why” and “how." It hasn’t always been like this, I wasn’t always compare to my sister. We were actually very close and when we were tease, we would always find each other. I guess everything is temporally, nothing last forever. Our saying was smiling is happiness, that got me through the day. But smiles just disgust me now, I hate it by passion. Ane betrayed me, she left me, she put on a mask so I couldn't recognize her. My body felt weak, I wanted it to end. I guess I will forever be the lower child, Ane's broken sister.
“It’s really all of her fault,” tears flooded my dark brown eyes. The clouds seem to run towards the sun, as it covers the light. The room was dark as my soul.

I came upstairs to the rooftop to calm myself down, I looked at the the buildings surrounding my school. I lied down to look at the sky although all I saw was gray clouds, although I still felt the warmth of the sun. The wind whispered in my ear, I felt free. This was the moment I want to hold on forever....

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