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“What am I doing here?”, I whispered desperately.
I realized my weakness while trying to open my eyes. I rolled my gaze up beneath my closed lids and let go the bitten apple I was holding in my hand.
An interminable space of swaying drowsiness, stirring, floating, quiet and murkiness were wrapping me few moments ago. “What is happening to me?”, I pondered noiselessly while stunned by my abruptly tilting universe. I attempted to respond with any movement just to give a sign of life, a shout for assistance however I essentially proved unable.
Something new and ungainly was befalling me taking all my consideration. In any case, I attempted earnestly to solace myself by compelling in a straightforward sense that it will be Ok yet, I couldn't oppose the unquestionable feeling of my universe crushing excessively. An inclination that went for so long that I couldn't recall what preceded. A frightful feeling that was constantly sustained with a disturbing wish to escape devouring my resistance and abandoning me totally debilitated. I didn't want to surrender, in a last endeavor I kicked my legs out straight yet nothing happened. I attempted to stretch out, to escape to make the enduring stop and merge again with the universe I used to know."please stop!", I shut my eyes solidly yet no sound turned out. My mouth was solidly stuck by thick layers of mud. I had no choice but finally relenting.
All of a sudden, a sleek breeze blew in a weak thundering sound. Gradually, the roars that began faint grew louder and more gigantic. I drooped down gazing to the skies powerlessly attempting to stick to the mud with a frail handle. The wind swiftly wailed savagely. I felt the sound hailing from my eyes. Responsively, I tilted my head to the side far from the wind. My face squeezed in anguish feeling the agony shuddering through my flesh while into the very centre of it, an edgy breath seared through my chest.
I waited too long before taking one next gulp of air. I attempted to keep it small however it basically spilled into me thundering with the loudest sound ever. It startled me so I yelled and hollered once more. My tears progressively smoothed the thick mud sealing my mouth. I continued screaming persuasively until I got my mouth opened. At last, I shouted as boisterous as possible. I was edgy to hear somebody call me, however there was only silence.
Suddenly, something fell on my lips. Hesitantly, I pushed out my tongue and swiped them. A sweet taste soothed my throat. I opened my mouth widely letting a second drop tumbling from the sky quench my aching need. Serenely, I succumbed to the peaceful and comforting feeling and fell asleep in the embrace of the falling rain.
After a while, I opened my eyes and looked around however could scarcely see anything.“Not again, please!”, I wished wretchedly. A sharp feeling of menace lurking in the darkness inundated me. My earlier hope of peaceful embrace was progressively and...

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