I Want You And Only You

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Dear Adam,

Adam, my sweetie, my lover, and my friend. I want you to know how much I love you and why.

Thank you for acknowledging my thoughts and feelings whether they are positive or negative, justified or unjustified, right or wrong. I feel safe being myself knowing I can not be perfect and you will still love me.

Thank you for the time you take to give me an extra hug or tell me I am wonderful. Those silent moments recharge my senses of appreciation for you.

Thank you for asking if you can help me work on my homework. It shows me that you are genuinely supportive of my goals, which are a part of who I am.

Thank you for answering all my questions without criticism or impatience. You have shown me that my dream of a kind and considerate relationship is a reality. You motivate me to expect and tolerate no less and to be the same with you and those around me. You have created calmness and safety in my life which I could only ever imagine.

Thank you for the times you ask me, " What do we need to take of this?" The partnership I have hoped for is expressed in little comments like that.

Thank you for speaking so complimentary of me to others; when you do this, you place such value on me that makes me only want to be an even better person and you have helped me to find my drive again.

Thank you for being so appreciative and letting me know you appreciate it when I make you a drink or remind you of a call to make or an errand to run. It shows me you do not expect things of me and makes me want to be the same with you.

Thank you for taking the time and having the thought to inform me of your plans; you show the respect you have for me and for us. Thank you for wanting to protect me from unkind words or behavior.

Thank you for constantly telling me or showing me that you are attracted to me physically, emotionally and mentally. You have brought back the confidence I had lost. Thank you for inviting parts of my world into yours and making them one.


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