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I Wish I Could Turn Back The Hands Of The Clock

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Had I had the power to go back in time, I would go back to the time where Bill Gates had invented the first computer. I would invent it before him by myself. I would also back in time to the time where Coca-Cola company had just opened. These two companies and many other companies who are successful I would go back in time and open them too. This would lead me to being the richest person in the world as I opened all the main companies and I would own them all. I would basically open only those companies that will do well as I have an idea of what will happen in the future of these businesses as I had already seen the future, now I am going back in time.I would then do a similar thing when it comes to studying. I would go to the future and see what the tests and exams look like. And study exactly that. This would then lead me to getting 100% for all my tests and exams. I would do that in university too. This would lead me to coming out 1st in both school and in university. I would also discover cures by seeing what cures people are finding in the future and do it in the past. This would lead me to a person who keeps discovering cures and win me many awards. I would have people study on me as I would become so famous in the world. People all over the world would study my things because of my cheatings.After finishing my schooling years, I would then go into the sporting field and do well there too. I would play all the sports. I would go back in time and see how people did well in those sports and do the same. Resulting in me doing well in all sports and becoming famous. People all over the world would want to copy me and do my moves as I would be the best in the world. I would be the best in all sports that ever lived. There could be benefit in me being good sports...

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