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I Did This Essay Last Year In College For An English Assignment It About My Fathers Dead Stc English 1301 Essay

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Jose Castillo
Professor Evaristo Bocanegra
English 1301
18 September 2017
Everyone has milestone days in his/her life that change the direction of his/her life for better or worse. Let me tell you one of my experiences that I will never forget from when I was 12 years old.
It was Friday night, I took a shower, and one of my aunts came into the bathroom and told me that my dad was sick but he was going to be ok. She told me that so I did not worry. I finished taking a bath, and I immediately went to my daddy’s house to see what was going on. My dad was throwing-up blood, and he could not breath very well. One of my aunts cried and prayed at the same time. I felt worried because she only does that when something bad is going to happen. More people were trying to help my dad until the doctor came. Everybody cried, and I was confused because I thought it was just a stomachache. I asked one of my older brothers if my dad was going to be ok, but he did not answer my question and push me away. My body shock to see him dying, and I took his hand and told him not to give up. The only thing that I heard from him was, “Daughters go to aunties house, and I promise you that I am going to be ok.” With tears in my eyes, I listened to him and gave him a kiss on the forehead, he did the same to me. When I woke-up, it was 5:30 in the morning, and nobody was in my aunt’s house except my cousin and me. I went to my dad’s house, but nobody was there and everything was dark. It seemed strange to me because last night everybody was there, so I knew that they took my dad to the hospital.
It was 8:00 in the morning, and nobody came to tell me what was going on, so I started to pray with my cousin. Since she had already lost her dad, she told me that I have to be prepared for anything. Then, my mom came in and tried to explain tome that my dad was in the hospital very sick, in short, he was dying. She kept stuttering and began to cry, she went to her room, and my uncle came in and took out a suit. When I saw him, I started to yell, I told him to put it away because I knew what it was for. I went to...

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