I Have Learned To Accept My Mistakes

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I Have Learned to Accept My Mistakes

The influences that have shaped my identity are my parents, who always taught me right from wrong. Who were always there for me even though I may have disappointed them at one or more times in my life. Although, I had to quit college after only attending one semester because I got pregnant my parents were still there to guide me and support my decisions.

I am a good thinker because I have grown to be honest with myself I have learned to accept my mistakes and learn from them. On the other hand, I am also like the poor thinker because I do judge people on what they wear, their attitudes, or their way of thinking. But as we all know from experience, we can’t help it.

     I once believed that lying was the only way out of hurting another person but after lying on many occasions not to get caught got me nowhere. I would lie on numerous times to my boyfriend that when the relationship got serious and committed he couldn’t help but throw my past lies in my face, especially during an argument. So after 2 years I have learned to always be honest regardless of the outcome. And so far it has worked to my favor.      

     I try not to always believe rumors I hear. Most of the time the rumors that I hear are not true, they are a minor lie that turned into a good believable story. But then again when a good rumor is heard I can’t help but to listen to it. I find it very hard to say, I don’t know, to my son. He’s 5 years old and I believe he should always get an answer to all of his questions, even if I have to come back to him later and answer his questions.

     If I feel that opinion about something should be heard I make sure I’m informative. Otherwise, I usually just listen to the opinions of others.

     I sometimes will say, mine is better, especially if I tried to copy a style that others use or in decorating. I am very creative, so when it comes to decorating the house I will always say, mine is better. With my personal problems the only time my way of thinking has affected me is with the opinion of others. I feel very confident and proud of my creations that I don’t take criticism very well. I hate it when my fiancé disagrees with me. Most of the time we compromise and agree on the same thing. But when he disagrees with me I don’t take it very well. Usually we will end up in an argument. I am very emotional when it comes to the relationship I have...

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